Best Results In The New England Division At The Milwaukee NAC

Twenty-six of Olympia’s fencers, both epee and foil, have participated in two different competitions this past weekend, one close to home, at the International Fencing Club, and in Milwaukee, WI, at the Wisconsin Convention Center.

The Milwaukee North American Cup (JR, CDT, CTM, Y14) has engaged hundreds of the best fencers in the country. Fencing a total of eight events, during four very long days, our young fencers had another great experience and the chance to prove themselves, as quickly risers and respected athletes, to put a light on our club and our great team of coaches.

Here are the results:
Cadet Men’s Epee: Robert Hondor, 8th place
Jonas Hansen, 10th                   2
Michael Corban, 15th.
These are the best results for this event in the New England Division and the only fencers in the division that made top 16 among 222 registered best cadets in the country.


• Junior Women’s Epee: 15 years old Emily Vermeule came in 10th place and our Hungarian guest, representing Olympia, Lilla Csoknyai, 20th out of 176 junior girls. 


• Cadet Women’s Epee: Emily Vermeule, 19th, best result of the New England Division.

• Junior Men’s Epee: Robert Hondor, 29th out of 260 registered.

img_3928• Y10 Women’s Epee: Ava Currie-Wade, 3rd place.


• Y14 Men’s Foil: Daniel Zhang, 22nd out of 186 registered
• Y12 Men’s Foil: Daniel Zhang, 9th.

Overall, Olympia’s fencers had six fencers in top 16, 12 in top 32 and 14 in top 64, over the nine events, at this NAC.

Meantime, back home, our novice foilists have won one Gold, one Silver and two Bronze medals, as follows:

International Fencing Club, Fall Intramural

• Y10 Mixed Foil: Charles Bing, 1st place
Castor Kao ties with Liam Li for 3rd place
Jade Qian, 5th place.

• Y12 Mixed Foil: Castor Kao, 2nd place
Charles Bing, 7th

Congratulations to all and to coaches Daniel Hondor, Shuang Meng, Kai Zhao, Lori Schmidt and Essene Waters!!

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