April 27/28, 2013 – Y 14 RIFAC Qualifiers, Jeff Wolfe Div.1 A, Men’s and Women’s Epee and Div. C and under, Women’s and Men’s Epee, Mission FC

Our young medalists

Our young medalists

We had a very busy and succesful weekend, OFC’s fencers have fenced three simultaneous events, in two different states and three locations!
Two Gold medals, one bronze and eight top ten in one weekend!

The results are as follow:

Y14 Qualifiers at RIFAC:

Men’s epee
Joshua Wolkoff – Gold Medal
Bennet Hazell – Bronze
Noah Scott – 8th place
Women’s Epee
Emma Harris – Gold Medal
Isabel Kain – 5th place
Sofia Mendoza – 7th
Emily Vermeule – 9th

Jeff Wolfe ROC at Mission FC, in Rocky point, NY:

Div. 1 A, Men’s Epee – Mark Elbag, 10th place
Div.1 A, Women’s Epee – Alejandra Trumble, 10th place
C and Under, Men’s – Paul Thordarson – 5th place
C and Under, Women’s – Zoe Granizo – 5th place
(no, they didn’t plan it ahead of time :))

Fencers Club NYC Women’s Epee Grand Prix – Alissa Hofmann, 8th place.

Congratulations to all fencers, young and old(er :)), all those that got medals and those that placed in the top 10, 20, 30 and 35!
Thank you all for the great fencing!!

For more pictures, check out our facebook album, here.

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