Discover the sport called “physical chess”!


physical chess

Olympia Fencing Center provides a full range of classes for all ages and abilities.

Both our children and adults programs are highly competitive and the most successful in the New England Division.

Our students are active participants to all regional, national and international competitions, over the years we have had a large number of medalists, national champions and top international results.

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We strive to show everyone the beauty of fencing, with all its great benefits. Feel free to walk in during our regular hours and you’ll get a preview to fencing, in a real class setting.

To attend a free class, please email us:, for scheduling.

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Weekly Schedule

4:00- 5:30
Épée Youth Comp.

4:00- 5:00
Advanced Musketeers
4:00- 5:30
Épée Youth Comp.
4:00- 5:00
Advanced Musketeers
4:00- 5:30
Épée Youth Comp.
10:00- 11:00
Épée Youth LTF
(ages 9-11)
10:00- 11:00
Épée and Foil Musketeers
(ages 6-8)
5:30- 7:30
Épée Juniors Comp.
5:00- 6:30
Épée Youth Pre-Comp.
5:30- 7:30
Épée Juniors Comp.
5:00 - 6:30
Épée Youth Pre- Comp.
5:30- 7:30
Épée Juniors Comp.
11:00- 12:00
Foil Musketeers
(ages 7-9)
Épée/Foil Pre Comp
11:00- 12:00
Épée Musketeers
(ages 7-9)
5:30 - 6:30
Foil Youth LTF
5:30- 7:00
Foil PreComp.
5:30 - 6:30
Foil Musketeers
Foil Pre Comp
12:00- 1:30
Épée Youth PreComp.
Épée Open Fencing
7:30- 9:00
Foil Youth Comp
7:00 - 9:00
Foil Junior Comp.
Foil Youth Comp.
7:00 - 9:00
Foil Junior Comp.
1:00- 2:30
Foil Youth Comp.
Community Events
7:30- 9:00
Épée Adult Comp.
7:30- 8:30
Épée Adult LTF
7:30- 9:00
Épée Open Fencing
7:30 - 9:00
Épée Adult Comp.
7:30- 9:30
Foil Junior Comp.
2:30 - 4:30
Foil Junior Comp.
Foil Youth Comp.
7:30 - 9:30
Foil Open Fencing
"LTF": Learn to Fence
"Comp": Competitive

Schedule subject to change, email: for confirmation.
Call: (617) 945-9448


Our center practices an open enrollment policy: there are no terms or enrollment deadlines. Aspiring fencers can start a program at any given time, there is a class for everyone, full equipment provided!

All monthly memberships are Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)* and require credit card on file.
Please click here to read our Tuition Refund Policy.
Private lessons are not included in the class fees and require 24 hours cancellation.


– $99.00/month – one 60 minute class per week.
-$165.00/month – two classes (Advanced Musketeers, invitational)

A fun introduction to the Olympic sport of fencing, for 6 to 12 years old!
Fencing games of speed and agility warm up children, continued by basic stances, lunges, target practice and fencing fun!

Free trials need to be scheduled. We don’t take more than 3 trials per class,  scheduled trials have priority over walk ins.

Saturday: 10:00 -11:00 AM, ages 9 – 11
11:00 -12:30 PM, ages 11 – 14
Sunday: 10:00 -11:00 AM, ages 6 – 8
11:00 -12:00 PM, ages 6 – 9
Tuesday: 7:30 -8:30 PM  – >  Adult (over 14)

For those new to fencing, click here to see what to expect during this class.

Important! All students participating in any of our club’s programs, must have the least $10.00, non-competitive, USFA membership. The membership needs to be renewed at the beginning of every new season (August 1st).

Download your REGISTRATION FORM here.

Youth Learn To Fence

– $135/month – one 90 minute class
-$195.00/month – two classes.

Similar to Musketeers program, but for older kids (11 to 14), learning the basics of the sport and getting ready to moving forward to more advanced techniques, for the pre-competitive level.

Click here to see what to expect during this class.

Youth Pre- Competitive

– $195.00/month – two 90 minutes classes/week

A step forward from the beginner classes, students are introduced to drills, basic blade work and simple tactics, as well as the rules and regulations of the sport during competition.
Private lessons, (25 minutes sessions, one on one with a coach, not included in the program’s tuition) are strongly recommended for this program.

Pre Competitive students must buy or rent ($25.00/month) their equipment and weapon.
Upon request, we can help you chose and order the right equipment for you, at competitive prices. 

Olympia Fencing Center is a professional club, registered with the US Fencing Association, the governing body of fencing in the country.
For all fencing programs, the least  non-competitive USFA membership is required. The registration process takes a few minutes to complete and it’s valid in all national fencing clubs,  for the whole season (August 1st to July 31st).

*Youth Competitive

– $245.00/month – three 90 minutes classes/week and Sunday Open Bouting.

Welcome to a brand new world! Students are introduced to National competitions, will start earning rankings and be on US Fencing point standings list.

This class is required to step up to the highest level, Junior Competitive.

*Junior Competitive

– $345.00/month – three 2 hour classes per week, Wednesday and Sunday bouting.

This program is designed for advanced fencers who are competing at the national and international level. Their goals might include winning a national championship, competing for NCAA or making a US National Team.

Adult Learn To Fence

– $99.00/ month – one 60 minute class per week.

For those new to fencing, click here to see what to expect during this class.
This is a class for ages 13 and up.

*Adult Competitive

– $165.00/ month – two 90 minute classes per week.

For all Competitive classes, USFA competitive membership is required.

Download the REGISTRATION FORM here.

Members Only

– $80.00/month – same as Adult Competitive except there are no classes. Open Fencing is free of charge and the fencers are entitled to private instruction scheduling.

There is a one time $10.00 account set up fee for all new members.

Open Fencing

Visitors – $15.00 floor fee.
Club members, college students and Olympia former students fence for free.

USFA membership required.

*Class fees do not include individual lessons, USFA membership, tournament coaching.
*Families with more than two members enrolled for one of our advanced programs, receive 10% sibling discount.
 *Note: All competitive classes are invitational.

Tuition Refund Policy
Cancel before the 25th of the month, refund 100%.
Cancel after the 25th, no refund.
Hold before the 25th, $10.00 processing fee.
Hold after the 25th, credit for the following month, $10.00 processing fee.
Tuition Late Payment Fee Policy
After registration, tuition must be paid in full at the first class (adjustments will be made if joining during the month).
For declined cards and failed payments, from 25th to 1st of the month, no late fee.
After 1st of the month, a late payment fee of 5% from the month tuition will be added for every late day plus $10.00 processing fee.

For occasional holds longer than a month – $30.00/family.
Summer Camp invoicing requests over 3 months after the camp date: $15.00.

Coaching Fees for competitions

Strip coaching during local or national competitions is optional.
Travel expenses for the coaches will be divided between athletes being coached. Students will sign up individually for the events they’re interested.

It is strongly recommended that fencers interested in the competitive side of the sport to attend tournaments for their skill level. Coaches will accompany athletes to competitions only if coaching arrangements have been established ahead of time. As a courtesy rule, if two members of our club end up fencing each other in a tournament, coaches will not assist.

  • Private lessons are available to the club members only.
  • Olympia Fencing Center does not accept dual memberships. 
  • Olympia Fencing Center is not responsible for lost equipment, including but not limited to: fencing bag and contents, shoes, weapon, mask, etc.
  • Olympia Fencing Center is a private club and reserves the right to review and deny participation in events held at its venue on a case by case basis.
  • Non-disclosure agreement: all contracts, between our organization, club members and employees should be confidential, failure in doing this will become subject to exclusion.