Fifteen Medals for Olympia’s fencers, this weekend

Another glorious fencing weekend for Olympia’s fencers: fifteen medals in two days: two Gold, two Silver, five Bronze medals, a total of 25 fencers in top 32, 16 in top …16, 15 in top 8!

The combined efforts of Olympia’s both epeeists and foilists ended up in some awesome results, in this weekend’s competitions.

Thrust Fall ROC- Div 1A/Div 2, Suffern, NY

Div I-A Senior Women’s Epee:

Emma Harris – Bronze                         Emma
Emily Vermeule: 9th
Becca Barnes: 16 (lost by one touch for top 8)
Lori Schmidt: 18th
Christine Feagans: 30st

(Notes: 13 years old Emile Vermeule, the youngest in top 16, had a small accident, unintentionally getting hit in the face (mask) and bleeding on the strip.She ended up losing 15-12 for top 8… Next time, Emily but, for now – well done!)

Div 1-A Senior Men’s Epee:

David Hitchcock: 6th place
Iliya Mechkov: 11th
Robert Hondor: 12th
Kevin Foley: 31st

[Notes: In an event when famous fencers like Graham Wicas, Ben Bratton and Adam Maczic are competing (and always winning), 15 year old Robert Hondor, injured, ends up losing to Maczic, for top 8 – great job, Robert!]

In Div 2 Men’s and Women’s Epee, father and daughter, Robert and Stella Harris, place 26th and, respectively, 18th.

Foil results, at the ROC

binDiv 1- A Men’s : Bin Huang – 8th place out of 95 registered!

Div 2 Men’s: Adam Yang -31st



Regional Youth Circuit, at the Boston Fencing Club

Double gold for Olympia in both Foil and Epee Y14 Men’s!
Epeeist Jonas Hansen and foilist Daniel Zhang came in 1st place for each competition.


Spencer Vermeule got the Bronze while in Y12 Men’s Epee, Olympia’s boys have totally controlled the event, getting Gold, Silver, Bronze!
Spencer Vermeule,1st place, Gabriel Feinberg, 2nd Hagen Zheng, 3rd and, at the start of his competitive career, Tony Whelan, placed 8th!

Also in Y14 Men’s Foil – Niles Liu, 5th place

Y14 women’s foil
Sammy Shortall – Bronze
Amelia Ao, 7th place

Y10 women’s foil
Sophia Shen, Silver medal

Y10 men’s foil
Paul Chen 5th place and Evan Zhang 8th

In the meantime, in NH,  in the E & Under at Concord Fencing Club, Grace Qian got the Gold Medal, Senior Women’s Foil and Davin Hui, Bronze, Senior Mixed Foil.

Congratulations to all the fencers and Coaches: Daniel Hondor, Iliya Mechkov, Shuang Meng, Kai Zhao and Lori Schmidt!!

Our thanks go to the parents, for their ongoing support and to our fencers, again, for all their hard work!

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