The Musketeer Saga Continues…

Another amazing Y10 Mixed Epee series has wrapped up this Sunday at Olympia Fencing Center.

Twenty two competitors from three fencing clubs have crossed weapons and ambitions, to gain even more points for the grand finale!

This events only get bigger, as the young epeeists grow fonder of the importance of competing and both kids and parents learn the rules of the game and start enjoying it even more.

In our hearts they are all winners but we present you the Top 8!

D’Artagnan’s Challenge Series 2B, Mixed Epee Y10

1st place: Max Prihodko, Vivo FC
2nd place: Sawyer Langton, OSFC
3rd place: Luka Loncar and Giulio Pech, OLYMPIA FC
5th place: Logan Walch, Allez FC
6th: Owen Hickman, OLYMPIA FC
7th: Ethan Rosenfeld, OLYMPIA FC
8th: Nina Prihodko, VIVO FC

Many thanks to the parents, for spending, a perfect otherwise Sunday afternoon, watching and cheering on their kids fencing, to our volunteer referees and Olympia students, Tony Whelan and Lilla Csoknyai, to our coaches, Lori Schmidt and Essene Waters, and to our pillar, Founder and Director, Daniel Hondor, who, for once, had a break from traveling internationally and could join us to lead and inspire this new generation of great athletes!

Don’t forget to register for our next competition, on February 2nd, Mixed Epee Y8/12!

Thank you for playing!

——)———————– 🏅 ———————–(——

More photos from the competition, here.

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