Olympia’s students New State Champions!

Gold, Silver and Bronze in our State High School Championships,  held this weekend at Wellesley College!

Becca Barnes, Women’s Epee 2016 State Champion and Leo Chen, Men’s Foil!!

        Becca Brnes                       leo

Isabela Trumble also took the Bronze in Epee Women’s event and in boys’ competition, Jonas Hansen placed third and Noah Scott, 6th.

This great result came in at almost the same time with Daniel’s student, Alejandra Trumble, now a Junior at U Penn, winning this year’s women’s epee competition, at the Ivy League College Championships, in Ithaca, New York.

Alejandra also led the women’s team, to place fourth in the teams’ competition.

Alejandra. Trumble

Here are other results of this week’s competitions:

NEUSFA Tom Gorman Beanpot Open at the BFC, Waltham

Senior Men’s Epee
Brian Rouse – 3rd place

Senior Men’s Foil
Tszwang (David) Hui – 10th (earned his D2016)
Adam Yang – 12th
Lei Chen – 16th

Senior Women’s Epee
Isabel Kain – 2nd place
Lori Schmidt – 3rd place
Cristina Gordet – 13th

Senior Women’s Foil
Sammy Shortall – 7th
Amelia Ao – 13th
Julie Peng – 15th

Cobra Challenge, Div 1A/Div 2 ROC, NJ

Div1A Men’s Epee
David Hitchcock – 24th (out of 104 competitors)

Div II Men’s Epee
Michael Corban – 5th

Div1A Women’s Epee
Christine Feagans – 10th
Lori Schmidt – 15th (renewed B16)

Div II Women’s Epee
Jiayi Ruan – 12th

Worcester FC, Novice Y10/12

Ava Wade – 2nd place
Dayus Gohel – 6th

Pre- Super Bowl Y12/14 at Vivo
Liam Hanratty – 2nd place

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