Results from Olympia Spring Challenge, 2013

34 Women and 43 Men had competed this Sunday, March 24th, in our first annual Spring Challenge.

This was an A2 sanctioned event. osp

In Women’s event, Olympia Fencing Center had┬áseven fencers in top 20: Katya Stavisky, Alejandra Trumble, Lori Schmidt, Natalia Stavinsky, Alissa Hofmann, Cristina Gordet, Zoe Granizo-MacKenzie.
First place was taken by Hellen Jolley, Boston Fencing Club, 2nd place – Dominique Tannous, RIFAC, 3rd – Christine Feagans, Olympia Fencing Center and Azaline Dunlap-Smith, Down East School of Fencing.

Men’s Senior Epee: the winner is Adam Maczik, from Boston Fencing Club.
Second place, James Hawrot, RIFAC, and third, Mark Elbag, Olympia Fencing Center and Joshua Cole, Fencing Academy of Wetchester.
Also, from Olympia fencing Center, seven fencers in top 20: Stefan Mesarovich came in 6th, Connor Ghazaleh, 8th, Thomas Hopkins, 12th, George Scott, 16th, Zack Boynton, 17th, Paul Thordarson, 20th.
Congratulations to all and see you next year!

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