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Camp Registration Form

The camp registration closes a week prior to the first day of camp, but last-minute registration can be possible based on availability. Please email us at

Please submit this registration form using a tablet or computer.

Summer Camp for Beginners

Registration Form

By submitting this form, you consent that your electronic signature is a valid, legal equivalent of your handwritten signature. If you do not wish to submit electronically, please contact Olympia Fencing Center to request a paper form.


Cost of the camp:

  • Full days: $500/week or $110/day
  • Half days: $350/week or $75/day
  • A minimum of three days is required.

    Payment is due 1st day of the camp, by check or credit card, payable to OLYMPIA FENCING CENTER.
    A $100.00 deposit fee is required to secure your spot in the camp. The deposit fee is non-refundable (unless the camp is canceled) and will be included in your camp cost.

    *You must select a minimum of three days for any week in which you participate.


    I enter this event at my own risk and release the USFA, its sponsors, referees, officers and agents, the event organizers, and theevent organizers’ officers, and agents from any liability. The undersigned certifies that the birth date of the individual is as stated in registration for this event, and that theindividual is a current member of the USFA for the competitive season in which the event takes place.


    This is to certify that on this date I give my consent to the USFA, the event organizers, and their representatives to obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital or clinic for the above named athlete for any injury or illness that may arise during activities associated with this event/camp. I hereby waive and release Olympia Fencing Center and the camp’s staff for any liabilities due to injuries incurred during the camp and I accept full financial responsibility for any medical treatment which may occur.

    Emergency Contacts

    Image Release (Optional)

    I authorize Olympia Fencing Center to use images for publicity, promotional and advertising purposes.

    Equipment and Use of Changing Rooms / Storage

    I understand that Olympia Fencing Center is not responsible for lost equipment, including but not limited to: fencing bag and contents, shoes, weapon, mask, etc.

    Sign and Submit

    Please electronically sign, date, and submit this form to our team in order to register for the camp.