D’Artagnan Series for Novice Fencers

For novice fencers of ages 8-14, a great way to start competing is Olympia Fencing Center’s: D’Artagnan Challenge Series

The D’Artagnan Challenge Series is a series of in-house competitions held at Olympia designed for children ages 14 & under.

Olympia’s most successful students have started their competitive fencing career with D’Artagnan! Our club was the first in the country to offer these in-house competitions for novice fencers as young as seven! Today, many clubs followed, and agree that this is the absolute best way to prepare for the “outside world”

All events at Olympia are currently “unsanctioned,” meaning no ratings or USFA-related points (see appendix for       more information on how classifications work in fencing) are rewarded.

Medals/ribbons are awarded to the top 8 at each event, and a rolling point system is set up for the series. At the  end of the season, one boy and one girl in each age group will receive the series trophy.

Different events are held for each age group (listed below) throughout the year. Five events throughout the course of the school year will take place for each age group.
Events: Y8, Y10, Y12, Y14

Registration: via askFred.net
At least “Access” type USFA membership is required.
Here is how to prepare for this event:

  • Register via askfred.net: find the event you plan to attend, click on registration and, if this is your first competition, please create a fencer record.
  • Here is a tournament checklist with the things you need.
    Note that D’Artagnan doesn’t require USFA competitive membership, or to own a weapon. We will provide the weapons (for the club members only).
    All fencers from other clubs must bring proof of age, their own weapon (two are recommended), and body cords.
  • Show at the door at least fifteen minutes before the event and check in at the office.
  • Our coaches will explain the rules of the competition.

Things to consider

– Don’t wait until you’re 14 years old to “be ready” for these competitions!
D’Artagnan is a “practice competition” where both the fencers and the parents will be introduced to the rules, learn how to handle real-life situations, what to look for (how to “watch”), and get ready for the real competitions outside of the club.
– For our parents’ convenience, we put together a short description of the USFA regulations, to watch during your child’s fencing, and help them when needed (see the QR code).
– Olympia staff doesn’t allow coaching during these private events, when two clubmates fence together.
We aim to give everyone equal chances, and provide a good experience for all.


Remember that winning isn’t everything! Good sportsmanship, fairness, and building characters for life are some of our other goals.
After a season of D’Artagnan, we think that your fencer is ready to take on the sanctioned competitions outside of the club. For more information how to start, follow this link.
See you on the strip!!