Summer Fencing Camps for Beginners/Intermediate


Keep active, learn something new, and have fun this summer!

Competitive fencing is one of the fastest-growing sports in North America, and, as witnessed by the sound of weapons clanging, and people of all ages lunging and parrying in our studios – Olympia just might become the home to the next Olympic fencing champion!

Olympia Fencing Center coaches consist of world-class fencing masters and professional educators, CORI and Safe Sport certified.
We make learning fencing fun and enjoyable, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
Please check here our Safety Plan in the light of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Our fencing camps are geared toward children ages 8-12, with little or no fencing experience, of all body types and athletic levels.

New to Olympia: two-weapon camp!
Starting this year, summer camps for beginners and intermediate fencers for both epee and foil are offered.
Beginners: if you never fenced before, you get the chance to try both!
Fencers will warm up together, play agility games, footwork, target practice, then you’ll be grouped by weapon/age/skill level, to continue your practice in the designated weapon. Lunch break will follow at 11:30 AM, during which time we’ll run fencing related movies on our big screen TV: Zorro, The Princess Bride, etc.
The rest of the camp day will consist of fencing basics: correct stances, lunges and parries, the rules, the electrical scoring system, bouting and round-robin.

The camp week concludes with a fencing tournament, medals will be awarded, and a pizza party will conclude a great week of camp!

2020 Summer Fencing Camp

Date: July 06-10

A camp for children with little or no fencing experience, ages 8-12.
July  20-24
Camp for students of ages 12-16, who are in the pre-competitive programs.
Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
Price:  500.00/week or $110.00/day (10% sibling discount), a minimum of three days required.
 $100.00 registration fee is required (it will be applied to your camp tuition) and it’s non- refundable.

A minimum of 10 people registered is required in order for the camp to happen.
Sibling/friend discount 10% off  

Full equipment is provided against a $200.00 deposit, which will be fully refunded on the last day unless you’d like to enroll in our beginner program, and you may want to keep it.

COVID-19 Update

Here are some measures we’re taking this year, in order to keep everyone safe and healthy:
1. Rotate between the students from indoors to outdoors.
In the past, we used to do our outdoor warm-up to Danehy Field, and the kids loved it. There are hills for drills, open-air, and shade when you need it. We’ll provide plenty of cold water and sunscreen.
2. Lunch will take place outside too, either at the filed, either at the Fresh Pond, depending on where the students are closer at that time. Social distancing while eating will be mandatory and enforced.
3. Please bring a towel for sitting, extra masks to be changed as needed, and small, pocket personal sanitizers, to be used often.
Baseball hats are highly recommended, and your own sunscreen, which can be packed up in a backpack, alongside your lunch and snacks.
4. The rides to the park will be provided by the club, in small groups, by car.
Face masks are mandatory during the ride, no chatting.
Handwash/sanitize before and after the ride.
5. Shoes will be sanitized upon returning to the club.

Please bring your own lunch, individually packed and ready to serve; no sharing permitted.
Iggy’s Bakery store is a short walk from the club, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Bon Me are also within walking distance.

Basic, $10.00, non-competitive USFA membership is required for all fencing activities longer than one week.

Please email: with any questions.

There is a minimum number of TEN registered campers required, for the whole five days, for the camp to happen.
If by the registration deadline (July 15, 2020) this requirement is not meet, the camp will be officially canceled and the fees refunded (less the askfred fee, if applicable).

Contact us with your questions: