Tournament Season 2019/2020

As most of you should know, the registration for all competitions is now going through the USFA website.
In order to be able to register, you’ll have to be logged into your USFA account.

These are some of the Regional and National tournaments where our competitive fencers are going, during the 2019/20 fencing season.

For your convenience you can download/print here the Tournaments 2019-2020 Separated by age season, in excel format.


2019-2020 Regional Schedule: SYCs, RJCCs, ROCs, RYCs

2019-2020 Regional Events Schedule (PDF)

USA Fencing 2019-2020 National Tournaments Deadlines

FIE International Events Calendar 2019

There are many other nationwide competitions, not listed here (the list would be way too long), where all fencers are encouraged to attend.

For a complete list, please, visit (Fencing Results And Events Database) or the United States Fencing Association website.

We encourage our students to try competing as young as 8 years old.
Competing in fencing or in any youth sports has many valuable aspects. Read more about this in the Academy of Fencing Masters blog.

Here is our own guide to start competitions, including regional, close to home events, age eligibility, qualification paths and links to valuable learning tools.

To make it easier to start, our club has set up a series of events for novice fencers, where students and families new to competition can learn the rules, with no pressure and no obligation to buy any piece of equipment. Everything is provided by the club and it will be handed out to students 30 minutes before the event.

fencing competitions

Here is the series schedule of the  D’Artagnan Series 2019-20 on

  1. 09/22/2019: D’Artagnan’s Challenge Series 1A (Y8/12 Epee)
  2. 09/29/2019: D’Artagnan’s Challenge Series 1B (Y10/14 Epee)
  3. 10/27/2019: D’Artagnan’s Challenge Series 2B (Y10/14 Epee)
  4. 11/24/2019: D’Artagnan’s Challenge Series 2A (Y8/Y12 Epee)
  5. 01/12/2020: D’Artagnan’s Challenge Series 3A (Y8/12 Epee)
  6. 02/16/2020: D’Artagnan’s Challenge Series 3B (Y10/14 Epee)
  7. 03/01/2020:  D’Artagnan’s Challenge Series 4A (Y8/12 Epee)
  8. 04/19/2020: D’Artagnan’s Challenge Series 4B (Y10/Y14 Epee)
  9. 05/17/2020: D’Artagnan’s Challenge Series 5A (Y8/12 Epee)
  10. 05/31/2020: D’Artagnan’s Challenge Series 5B (Y10/Y14 Epee)

This series is a great way to try your hand at competitive fencing, but also a good challenge for those already competing.

Medals/ribbons for top 8 and rolling points are awarded, for both boys and girls. At the end of the series the D’Artagnan trophy is presented to one boy and one girl in each age group.

Click here to access a list of important links relevant to national and international fencing (USFANEUSFA 2019-2020 ScheduleEurofencingInternational Olympic Committee, etc.)

Here is an interactive map, with the fencing regions throughout the country, please note that we’re part of the New England Division, which is region three.

For the parents new to fencing, interested in starting some competitions, please contact us at:, to learn how to get started.

Another great tool is our parents forum, in Google Groups,  where parents of Olympia students share tips, deadline reminders, and more.
We’re very grateful for such a great fencing community, become one of them today, learn from their experience and help your kids to the best they can be!