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Camp Olympia 2014


It’s been a great fencing season and, while advanced fencers were getting ready for the Summer Nationals, the club was open for the Beginners Summer Camps, to introduce the amazing sport of fencing to other intrigued children.

More than 70 kids from the neighboring cities, ages 6 to 12, have been part of this summer’s great adventure!

Three weeks of fencing camps, where speed and agility games, introduction to epee fencing, fencing bouts and weekly championship, were combined with fun lunch breaks, popsicle and pizza parties, have made this time a blast for the little ones, building friendships, memories and, last but not the least, adding few more beginners to our club’s members list!

We’d like to thank to Emma Harris and Robert Hondor, our advanced junior fencers, for volunteering their time, under Daniel’s supervision, to help running the camps – the little ones loved them both and looked up to them!

Thank you, Coach Lori Schmidt and Nadia Eldeib, as well, for your great work.

We’re looking forward to next year – Camp Olympia, 2015!

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