Swap your Gently Used Fencing Gear Here

Welcome to our fencing gear swap page, which should point you in the right direction where you can sell, swap, or donate your fencing gear!

Often, those new to fencing start by getting a fencing gear package that’s intended more for practice, to start learning the sport, getting yourself used to what you like and makes you feel the most comfortable on the strip, or even enhances your fencing skills.
In general, this gear package is accepted to fencing competitions, as long as it passes the “equipment check”. However, when fencers gain more experience, they may want to upgrade to a longer lasting, better quality, and more expensive gear type.

What to do with your old gear?? Start here.

On older gear pack may still be in amazing shape, and for many, almost not used. If gently used, older fencing gear it’s been “broken in”, meaning that it won’t have the “stiff” feeling of a new fencing outfit.  softer than new fencing gear.
The body cords and weapons can always repaired to extend their use.

Donate it to your fencing club

Donating your old fencing gear to your fencing club will allow it to have a large life beyond, that will help many people. The items will go to outfit those new prospects trying a class, or to someone who needs it most.
Clubs have ties outside the area, or even outside the country, and they can donate it to less fortunate fencing clubs in dire need.

Donate it to a charity

The FIE (International Fencing Federation, a governing body of the sport of fencing) created an initiative called “Donate Your Fencing Gear” to help clubs in developing countries. Ask your local fencing authority, how it works and where to bring your old fencing equipment.
(we are Division 3, NEUSFA ).

Donate it to someone who just started fencing

If you know someone who is just starting out in fencing, but who doesn’t want to invest in the equipment just yet, and the fencing equipment is the right size for them, then donating it to them is a good idea.
Sometimes, fencers who start competition are reluctant to commit buying a weapon, or even invest in a more expensive gear pack, and this may just be the thing to get them going!

Donate it to a school fencing club

A school fencing club can definitely use good quality equipment. Donating your fencing equipment to a local school fencing club means that it gets on to people who can use it!
To apply to be a beneficiary of the Donate Your Fencing Gear! program, fencing clubs can submit an application to FIE by following this link.

Sell it or swap it, if it’s in good condition

If the gear is in a condition that you would buy it for yourself, you may try selling it.
Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist are good places to start with.
To organize a swap party at Olympia, please contact us using this form.

Olympia Fencing Center helps you sell/buy fencing gear

Another option is right here, where we can facilitate our members swapping or selling their gear.
There are several Olympia FC parents groups on Facebook and Google, Discord, where you can get in touch with people interested, or you can just email us with the items you want to sell/buy, and we’ll find someone for you.

Keep items of sentimental value

Finally, items of special sentimental value, like your first baby jacket with your name stenciled on it, or a glove signed by an Olympian, definitely keep them as your family memorabilia. You may make someone thrilled to discover them years later.