Fencing Links

 Whether you’re new to fencing or just want to read more about it, here is a list of important links

Askfred.net, the tournament registration, and results’ official website; stands for Fencing Results and Events Database.
This is the place for those new to fencing competitions to create an account, look up local and regional events, and register.
Visit the new website of NEUSFA New England Division of the U.S. Fencing Association. We are Division 3.

United States Fencing Association, the governing body of fencing in the USA.
USFA description of the different memberships, FAQ page, USFA Fencing Penalty Chart.
The Athlete Handbook 2021-22.
“This book is written for fencers, coaches, and parents to help them gain an understanding
of the competitive and developmental programs of USA Fencing. It contains information
that will allow fencers to progress in the sport of fencing to as high a level as they are
Look up fencing competitions on this page here.

National Points List – see how your clubmates rank among others.
Regional Standings – Regional standings are updated automatically twice daily as tournament results are approved.

USFA Event Ratings – learn the rules of events rating, from E to A.
See the USFA Classification Chart for competition rating here.

USA Center for Safe Sport: defines the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s authority and jurisdiction, prohibited categories of abuse and misconduct, and the Center’s process for responding to and resolving abuse and misconduct claims affecting the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement.

FencingTimeLive is similar to askfred.net, but here we find the competitions’ results in detail and on a larger scale, national and international.

The Regional Youth Circuit (or RYC) was developed to give Y10, Y12, and Y14 fencers a chance to compete closer to home throughout the fencing season. A points structure (qualifications paths and eligibility), enables fencers to earn the right to compete at Summer Nationals.

For those not familiar with regional youth events, USA Fencing has divided the nation into six geographic regions, as pictured in the image below.
New Englanders are part of Region III.

Fencing.net, the leading online guide to the world of fencing.

Eurofencing.info, the official website for European fencing.

FIE, the International Fencing Federation, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the world governing body of fencing.

FIE Media News, a news outlet for the international fencing governing body.

Fencing worldwide, a comprehensive page with links to live results and results archive.

International Olympic Committee, the supreme authority of the Olympic movement.

Academy of Fencing Masters Blog, our favorite fencing blog, contains useful information, is constantly updated, and conveniently put together and easy to understand for the fencing newbies –  definitely subscribe to it!

Thorne.com, USFA Exclusive Nutritional Supplement Partner of USA Fencing, for elite and youth fencers.

Rookieroad.com, a plethora of articles about the basics of the sport.

We Love Fencing, the major focus is the international level of fencing competition – World Cups, Grand Prix, World Fencing Championships and, of course, the Olympic Games.

The Fencing Referees Commission Blog publishes good insights into the interpretation of different fencing rules.

Companies who sell fencing gear FIE approved: