Class Description and Fees

The information below applies to both Cambridge and Newton locations.
Note: our Newton location is projected to open in December of 2021.

Olympia Fencing Center is an épée exclusively fencing club, with an open enrollment policy: there are no terms or contracts, and memberships are month to month.
Aspiring fencers can start a program at any given time during the year.
Classes are ongoing, we are open during all public and private school vacations, and most of the federal holidays, with a few exceptions (Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving).

Click here for the Class Schedule in Cambridge.
Click here for the Class Schedule in Newton.

Please read carefully the specifications for fencing gear rental and monthly fee adjustments. 

Home Schoolers

Keep active, engage your body and your mind, and get social with these special classes for homeschoolers!
Daily classes for all ages, available in multiple options:
– $145.00/month – one 60-minute class per week
– $175.00/month – two classes per week
– $215.00/month – three classes per week

Full fencing gear is provided, please read the details here.
Free trials will be available to be scheduled soon.

Musketeers/Kids Learn to Fence

– $145.00/month – one 60-minute class per week.
– $175.00/month – two classes per week (Advanced Musketeers is invitational)
– $215/month – three classes per week

A fun introduction to the Olympic sport of fencing, for 7 to 8, and 9 to 11 years old.
The classes meet on weekdays and/or weekends, and are organized by age. They consist of games of speed and agility, basic stances, lunges, target practice, and fencing fun!

First class is always FREE, please read more about scheduling a free trial here.

All students participating in any of our club’s programs must have at least $10.00, non-competitive, USFA membership. The membership needs to be renewed at the beginning of every new season (August 1st).
Free trials will be provided with a short trial form; no purchase of club membership is required.

What to wear
Long, sporty pants, clean sneakers, T-shirt, bring a water bottle (filtered water is available for refills), your smile!
Please: no dresses, loose clothing, no open-toe shoes or boots of any kind.

What to expect
* Full fencing gear is provided for each student. Read the specifications here.
* Face masks mandatory, parents wait behind the glass window.
* Touchless sanitizing stations throughout the club.
* Electronic sign-up forms.
* Customized warm-up games, to ensure social distancing.

Class structure:
10 mins: Warm-up Games
5 mins: Structured Run/Active Stretching
10 mins: Footwork
10 mins: Suit Up
25 mins: Drills/Fencing

Read more details about enrolling, gear rental and return, and tuition policy on this page.

Teens Learn To Fence & Pre- Competitive 

– $175/month – one 90 minute class
– $235.00/month – two classes per week
– $295.00/month – three classes

A program for students 12 to 16 years old, held by age groups and levels.
Starting with learning the basics of the sport, then moving on to drills, blade work, and more advanced techniques. This program is preparatory for those getting ready for fencing competitions.
Private lessons (25 minutes sessions, one on one with a coach, not included in the program’s tuition) are strongly recommended for this program.
Click here to see what to expect during this class.

Olympia Fencing Center is a professional club, registered with the US Fencing Association, the governing body of fencing in the country.
 USFA membership is required for all programs.
The registration process takes a few minutes to complete and it’s valid in all national fencing clubs,  for the whole season (August 1st to July 31st).

After the first year in this program, students must purchase their own weapon and body cord, and they are subject to the annual club fee of $300.00/individual or $500.00/family

Read more details about enrolling, gear rental and return, and tuition policy on this page.

Youth Competitive  

– $395.00/month – three, 2-hour classes, and weekly open bouting.

Students are introduced to national competitions, will start earning rankings, and be on the US Fencing point standings list.
This class is similar to the Junior Competitive, and students are admitted to this program after the completion of the Pre-Competitive programs, and the least two private lessons are required.

All programs above the beginner level are subject to an additional annual club fee of $300.00/individual or $500.00/family

Elite Competitive 

– Exclusively invitational program reserved for the most committed, advanced fencers, ages 11 and up.
Three, 2-hour classes per week, including two hours of open bouting on Sunday.
Inquire by email to find more about this program.

The students in this program are competing at a national/international level, and are individually trained to accomplish the highest results.
Three to five private lessons a week are recommended; goals include qualifiers to the Summer Nationals, making US National Team, participation in the World Cups and Championships, and even the Junior Olympics and Olympic Games.
These fencers have the highest chance to make it to the NCAA and continue fencing in college.
Goal-setting with an advanced coach is included, as well as a custom competition plan for each season, to achieve the best results possible.

All programs above the beginner level are subject to an additional annual club fee of $300.00/individual or $500.00/family

Adult Learn To Fence

– $145.00/ month – one 60 minute class per week.
– $175.00/month – two classes per week

For those new to fencing, click here to see what to expect during this class.
This is a class for ages 15 and up.
Read more details about enrolling, gear rental and return, and tuition policy on this page.

Adult Competitive

– $225.00/ month – two 90 minute classes per week, and weekly open bouting.

For all Competitive classes, USFA competitive membership is required.
All programs above the beginner level are subject to an additional annual club fee of $300.00/individual or $500.00/family

* Fencing classes for homeschoolers

A recreational program designed for girls and boys 6 years of age and up, interested to learn fencing or practice both recreational or competitive.
Full equipment is provided to all beginners.
Read more details about enrolling, gear rental and return, and tuition policy on this page.
This program is similar to the Musketeers program, students will learn basic fencing skills, improve their physical condition, and move on to more advanced levels.
The least non-competitive USFA membership is required.

Please contact us for scheduling:

Members Only

– $99.00/month – same as Adult Competitive except there are no classes.
Those enrolled in this program can only represent OFC (we don’t accept dual memberships), weekly open bouting is free of charge, and the fencers are entitled to private instruction scheduling (billed separately).
Private lessons are scheduled directly with the coach after you’ve been assigned one by the director of programs.

There is a one-time $10.00 account setup fee for all new members.

Ready to become a member of the largest épée fencing club in the country??

Click on this link to start your registration process!

Open Fencing

Visitors – $20.00 floor fee ($15.00 for college students)
Olympia members, select college students, NCAA athletes, and Olympia former students, fence for free.

Club Membership

An annual membership for students enrolled in the competitive programs: $300.00/person, or $500.00/family
This includes:

  • Club patch, affiliation, and representation at competitions
  • Guidance to starting competitions for those new to the sport, including customized seasonal plans.
  • Free parent seminars throughout the season ($30 for non-members)
  • Documentation and checklists for competitions.
  • Strip coaching at competitions by Olympia coaches (coaching by non-club coaches is forbidden)
  • Priority to limited access camps and clinics
  • Private lessons with OFC coaches
  • Access to member-only events
  • Access to both locations
  • Open bouting sessions (invitational)
  • Use of rental equipment
  • Custom sizing and fencing gear ordering at the same price as of the vendors
  • Access to the armory (self-service) or armory services (paid)


This is an option for existing fencers currently enrolled with other clubs, to check out some of our advanced classes. A maximum of two classes is allowed.

  1.  $70.00/class – Juniors, 2 hours advanced class
  2. $55 – Youth competitive, 2 hours
  3.  $35 – all others

Private lessons are available for club members only, are 25 minutes long, and must be scheduled in advance.
Non-members can try two private lessons before joining.
For more private lessons, membership is required: $99/month
Competitive students enrolled in the basic membership type ($99.00), and who are taking private lessons with OFC coaches must pay the annual club fee ($300.00/individual or $500.00/family)

Please note that Olympia Fencing Center doesn’t allow dual memberships.