Olympia Fencing Center is New England’s largest and most successful fencing club, with locations in Cambridge and Newton, MA.

Our club proudly produced consecutive generations of NCAA, world, and Junior Olympics champions since 2012, being recognized as the most successful fencing club in the Northeast region!

 – An épée exclusive club, we offer classes for all ages 8 to 88!
– All beginners enjoy month-to-month memberships and no annual contracts.
– Class enrollment is open year-long; there are no terms and no cancelation fees.

All trials must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance.
Please, no walk-ins.

Both our locations are closed in July, to accommodate our campers. Trials and classes will resume on August 1st, 2024
Please note that only beginner-level memberships can be purchased online.

Class Descriptions

Membership fees start at $110.00/month. Read more here.


Musketeers/Youth Learn to Fence

Ages 8-9 and 10-12
One-hour long weekly classes for our youngest fencers!
A fun introduction to the Olympic sport of fencing, for 8 to 9 (Musketeers), and 10 to 12 years old (Youth Learn to Fence).
Choose one, two, or three weekly sessions, weekdays or weekends.
Classes consist of games of speed and agility, basic stances, lunges, target practice, and fencing fun!

Fencing gear is available for rent ($10.00-15.00/month), or can be purchased as a package (around $200.00).
Read the details here.

What to wear
Long pants are REQUIRED to take the class.
Please: no skirts/dresses, no open-toe shoes or boots of any kind.

Click here to see what to expect during this class.
Read more details about enrolling, gear rental and return, and tuition policy on this page.

Youth Invitational

– Two 60-minute weekly classes

This is a special program for our most talented young students, ages 8-11, entering the competitive field. The requirements are to have your own fencing gear, attend both days consistently, take at least one private lesson, and participate in competitions inside and outside the club. The type of membership must be approved by the head coach of the club.
The goals should be starting competitions outside of the club, and Summer Nationals qualification.

Teens Learn To Fence

One, two, or three, ninety-minute weekly classes.

A program for students 13 to 15 years old, held by age groups and levels.
Those new to fencing will be introduced to the basics of the sport. Because of the more advanced age, two weekly classes are recommended, especially for those who plan to fence, or already fencing in their school’s team.
Olympia Fencing Center harbors one of the largest recreational teen fencing programs in the country, and most of our alumni continue fencing in college, or after graduating.
Private lessons (25 minutes sessions, one on one with a coach, not included in the program’s tuition) are strongly recommended.

After the first year in this program, students must purchase their own weapon and body cord, and are subject to the annual club membership.

Read more details about enrolling, gear rental and purchase, and tuition policy on this page.

Teens Advanced

One, two, or three ninety-minute weekly classes.
A program for students ages 13-15, with over a year of experience in one of the beginner programs.
The program is ideal for high schoolers who intend to compete with their fencing teams, in school or local competitions.
The students must have their own fencing gear (no knickers required), and their own weapon/body cord. At least one weekly private lesson is recommended.
*This membership type is subject to the annual club membership.

Youth Competitive  

One, two, or three two-hour weekly classes.
No age barrier; this is a merit-based membership type.
Students are introduced to national competitions, will start earning rankings, and be on the US Fencing point standings list.
Goals include qualifiers to the Summer Nationals, and receiving ratings above the U (unrated type).

This class is similar to the Elite Competitive (see below), and students are admitted to this program after the completion of the Pre-Competitive programs.
At least two private lessons are recommended.
Students in this program should own full fencing gear as required for competitions, and be active participants in regional and national events.

Elite Competitive 

Exclusively invitational program reserved for the most committed, advanced fencers, ages 11 and up.
Three, 2-hour classes per week, and optional open bouting on Sunday.
The students in this program are competing at a national/international level, and are individually trained to accomplish the highest results possible.
Three to five private lessons a week are required, and participation in all NAC’s and major national tournaments.
Goals include making the US National Team, qualification for Cadet and Juniors World Cups and Championships, and being recruited into NCAA and Ivy League fencing teams.
Goal-setting with an advanced coach is included, as well as a custom competition plan for each season.
This membership level cannot be purchased online. Please use the contact form to email us if interested.

Olympia Fencing Center proudly produced consecutive generations of NCAA, world, and Junior Olympics champions since 2012, being recognized as the most successful  fencing club in the Northeast region!

Adult Learn To Fence

Offered once a week, on Saturdays.

For those new to fencing, click here to see what to expect during this class.
This is a class for ages 16 and up.

Read more details about enrolling, gear rental and return, and tuition policy on this page.

Adult Competitive

Two, 90-minute classes per week, and weekly open bouting.

Our club is proud to host the largest adult competitive program in the country, and our adult fencers currently hold some of the highest rankings among people of similar age.
Full fencing gear is required (including at least one weapon, and one body cord).

Members Only

A monthly basic membership for those who prefer private lessons only, and/or Sunday open bouting (no floor fee).
Cost:  $110.00/month
This program type doesn’t include group classes.
Private lessons are scheduled based on availability. Email us for more information.

All programs above the beginner level are subject to an additional annual club fee of $250.00/individual, $400/family of two, or $600.00/family of three or more.

Club Membership

$250.00/individual, $400/family of two, or $600.00/family of three or more
An annual membership for students enrolled in any program above the beginner programs, or for those ages 12 and up, after their first year from enrolling date.

This includes:

  • Club patch, affiliation, and representation at competitions
  • Sizing and fencing gear ordering at the same price as the vendors
  • Jacket stencil offered in the club ($35.00)
  • Access to changing rooms
  • Free membership holds (by written request)
  • Guidance to starting competitions for those new to the sport, including customized seasonal plans.
  • Free parent seminars throughout the season ($30 for non-members)
  • Documentation and checklists for competitions.
  • Strip coaching at competitions by Olympia coaches (paid)
    Coaching by other clubs’ coaches is forbidden and subject to expulsion.
  • Priority to limited access camps and clinics
  • Private lessons with OFC coaches (paid)
  • Access to member-only events
  • Access to both locations (needs pre-approval)
  • Open bouting sessions (invitational/free)
  • Use of rental equipment (paid)
  • Access to the armory (self-service/free) or armory services (paid)

Private Lessons

Private sessions are geared toward personal fencing/athletic development. In addition to the footwork/bladework sessions, coaches and students may use this time to discuss the student’s progress, fencing goals, create individualized workouts, do video analysis, and ask questions.
This is a great time to connect with your coach and establish a trusting relationship that may be useful while receiving strip coaching during competitions.
Private lessons can start as soon as a student starts learning to fence, and should be gradually increased in number as the student gets promoted to different levels. A student in the Elite program (our highest level program) takes three to five weekly private lessons.

Private lessons are booked ongoing, at the day and time established with the coached assigned to you, and are payable by credit card, check, or directly to your coach.
Owning your own weapon is required to take private lessons. Our office is glad to place orders and put together your first weapon at the same price as the vendors; contact us here.

Open Fencing

Visitors – $30.00 floor fee ($20.00 for college students) – cash only for non-members
Full fencing gear is required, bring your own weapon and body cord.

Rentals are available for a 15.00 additional fee.
Olympia members, select college students, NCAA athletes, and Olympia former students, fence for free.


This is an option for existing fencers currently enrolled with other clubs, to check out some of our advanced classes. A maximum of two classes is allowed.
If you decide to join our club, your trial class fee can be deducted from your first month’s fee.

  1.  $70.00/class – all competitive classes
  2.  $45.00 – all pre-competitive
  3. $40.00/class – for those who want to take extra classes (on top of your regular schedule)

Private lessons are available for club members only, are 25 minutes long, and must be scheduled in advance.
Non-members can try two private lessons before joining.
For more private lessons, membership is required: $110.00/month
Competitive students enrolled in the basic membership type ($110.00), and who are taking private lessons with OFC coaches must pay the annual club fee.

Please note that Olympia Fencing Center doesn’t allow dual memberships.

* Fencing classes for homeschoolers

A recreational program designed for girls and boys ages 9-14, interested to learn to fence or practice, both recreational or competitive.
Full equipment is provided to all beginners. Private lessons can be scheduled with the class coaches after class hours.
Read more details about enrolling, gear rental and return, and tuition policy on this page.
A basic, “Access” type USFA membership is required.

One, two, or three one-hour weekly classes.

Classes forming now.
Please contact us for scheduling.

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