Private Lessons Information

Why are private lessons important?

While group classes are essential to learning to fence and practicing footwork, distance, drills, from an instructor’s perspective it’s impossible to spot and correct every incorrect position or movement, of every student in the class. Even if they would try to, this would spoil the dynamic of the class, reduce the fun aspect of the sport, and it could make the session boring. And this is why it’s essential to get the perspective of your private instructor.

Private lessons are one-on-one instruction between a coach and a student, and they are crucial in one’s development as a successful fencer and athlete.
Because everyone’s technique is unique, during a private lesson the coach is addressing the fencer’s specific needs, to their current level and knowledge, and to their strengths and weaknesses.

In a private lesson, a fencer will learn techniques and, through repetition, will build muscle memory for the techniques that can be used in bouting with an opponent.
The act of holding your weapon in your hand, extending your arm, and hitting the target that is right in front of you is the most general example of actions that very rarely a beginner can do them correctly.
Through private lessons, the fencing coach will help you build a solid baseline of movements that build up into more complicated actions.

Here are some basic areas that your fencing coach will be able to help you perfect during your private lessons:

  • Grip on the blade and wrist position
  • Stance and weight distribution
  • Chin, head, and shoulder position
  • Distance and proper footwork
  • Balance
  • Coordination of the arms, legs, and hand

Some fencing clubs offer private lessons sessions of 20 minutes, depending on their individual perspective and the structure of the lesson.
At Olympia, the private lessons are 25 minutes long, and, by demand, we assign a matching instructor to each student. In general, we recommend taking private lessons with your class instructor, since there is already a connection created between the student and the coach. However, if the class coach is not available or if we believe a different instructor is a better match for your individual style and personality, we’ll try to connect you with the best match.
Depending on your age, goals, and fencing background, one weekly lesson is a good way to start. Most of our advanced fencers with the best results are taking four to five private lessons a week.
Read here more about private lessons preparation and physical benefits.

Our aim is to help our students to build solid knowledge and achieve their best possible results.

Private Lessons Policy

  • Private lessons are available to the club members only (a basic membership of $110.00/month required, and $250.00/individual club fee).
  • All students who start private lessons must have their own practice weapon/body-cord (we can order for them), see the Beginner Equipment Price List here).
  • Private lessons are 25 minutes long and are to be paid for at the time of the lesson.
    Payments can be made by credit card, check, cash, or other forms of payment, as agreed with the coach.
  • Private lesson spots are booked on-going (weekly, on the same day/time) until written notice of cancelation is sent.
  • Failing to show up to your lessons more than two consecutive times, even with notice, will result in losing your spot.
    Sickness and vacation may be counted as exceptions.
  • Private lessons can be canceled at any time at the management’s discretion, upon notice.
  • There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all private lessons; no-shows will be charged at full price, using the credit card on file.

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Videotaping or taking photos of the private lessons, classes, students, and coaches, without permission from management is prohibited and it’s subject to exclusion.