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We’re more than happy to have you try before you buy, by offering a worry-free trial with no strings attached.
All our programs are month to month – there is no commitment, no enrollment fee, no contract!

We make every effort to maintain a proper student/teacher ratio, and this is why all trials have to be scheduled, no more than three total trials per class (one per person, three different people in total).

Please note that this doesn’t guarantee your reservation for the trial class, please watch your email for a confirmation.

Free trials take place in age/skill level appropriate classes, as shown below.

Cambridge location
127 Smith Pl.
Cambridge, MA, 02138

10:00 -11:30 AM, ages 11–14
11:30-1:00 PM, ages 14-16
10:00 -11:00 AM, ages 6–8
11:00 -12:00 PM, ages 9-12
4:00-5:00 PM, ages 6–9    

Newton location
66 Winchester St.
Newton, MA, 02461
(Coming Soon)

Épée Classes Only
Free Trial Classes every day, 4:00-5:00 PM and weekends, 10:00 -11:00 AM, every hour, until 2:00 PM.

Email: to schedule your free trial.
Please mention the location you wish: Cambridge or Newton

Send us your name, fencing experience, and weapon (if any), and we’ll get right back to you with a confirmation.
Walk-ins are welcome but keep in mind that, in order to offer the best class experience scheduled trials have priority.

A short Trial Form, required by the US Fencing Association, the governing body of fencing in the country, is required. Download one here or just fill one out at the club, before your class.

What to wear: long, sporty pants, clean sneakers, T-shirt, bring a water bottle (filtered water is available for refills), your smile!

Please keep in mind that we take the kids’ safety very seriously, and this is why we don’t place them in classes based solely on their age. There are other valuable factors we consider, like height and body type, to name just a few.
At Olympia, we measure success not only by numbers but by harboring a large community of happy fencers of all ages!

Covid-19 Update

Starting new trials on Saturday, September 5th!
We can still play: fencing is the perfect COVID sport: masks, gloves, and 3ft long weapon on each side!
We’re back in session, in small groups and enforced rules, to adhere to the state recommendations:
* Freshly laundered/sanitized gear is provided for each student.
* Face masks mandatory, parents wait behind the glass window.
* Touchless sanitizing stations throughout the club.
* Electronic sign-up forms.
* Physical distancing enforced, one-way entry/exit.
* Customized warm-up games, to ensure social distancing.

Clean and ready to use gear for trials


    This is what’s waiting for all trials

–  Clean, laundered fencing mask
–  Glove and body-cord package by sizes
–  Jacket, underarm protector, and plastic plastron packages, by sizes
–  Disposable, extra face masks
–  Disposable sanitizing wipes
–  Pulse Oximeter, for measuring oxygen levels whenever needed



Please note that during the trials, we kindly ask the parents to watch from the waiting room, through the glass window, and practice social distance. No parents allowed on the fencing floor.
For your convenience, live streaming of the classes can be accessed via our YouTube channel, to watch on your smart devices.
Everyone must wear a surgical or cloth mask, covering the nose and mouth. There is no exception to this requirement. We cannot accommodate those with conditions that would preclude wearing a mask.
We appreciate your cooperation!

All beginner fencers will have the choice to loan, purchase, or rent-to-buy their own essential gear, take it home and clean it after each class.
$100.00 deposit will be required to rent the gear, which will include: mask, glove, jacket, chest protector, and body cord.
The loaner gear should be returned, and the deposit will be refunded after the completion of phase 3, or TBD.

Please scan this code to sign your release waiver.

Covid 19 Waiver QR Code