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What is club-branded fencing gear, and why is it important?


Sports clubs all over the world, sports teams, and venues have their own wearable “branded” gear package. The strength of a brand plays a critical role in a team’s potential success, how the team is viewed in the eyes of  customers, competition, and community.
At the the most basic level, branding is made up of a company’s logo, the appeal of the visual design, voicing it’s mission, and core values.

When Olympia was created, back in 2012, we spent many hours trying to come up with something unique to identify our club, our colors, and our principles; Olympia’s logo was created after a long debate, by one of our very talented fencing mom at the time.

Many don’t know that our club was named after Daniel’s fencing club in his home country of Romania, called “Clubul Sportiv Olimpia”, where he started fencing when he was only seven years old.
Inside the “O” shaped outline of the logo can be seen the weapon we teach,  the épée, the colors white and blue, which are the official colors of the original Romanian fencing club, and the laurel leaves which history states that, in Ancient Greece, beginning in 776 BC, wreaths of laurel leaves crowned victors of athletic competitions of the ancient Olympic games.

This is the patch that all our students are wearing on their sleeve, and what you see on our website and social media presence, as a staple of our club.

Every Olympia student receives his sleeve patch at his first official competition, and we hope that they wear it proud, and, hopefully, on the highest steps of the podium, as we stand by our slogan: “We Raise Champions!”

In addition to the sleeve patch, what you wear on the medal stand is usually determined by your club, the tournament organizers, or, if the case, by your country’s Olympic Committee.

While the USA Fencing athlete handbook doesn’t specify a requirement for the medal ceremony dressing, it is expected that fencers hit the podium in their team branded gear, in respect and with pride for the club they represent.

At Olympia, we expect our students to wear the club jacket or at the very least, an Olympia T-shirt. These should be paired with warm-up pants or knickers.

For international competitions, national jackets are provided to those who qualify, and to their coaches. It is a moment of pride to step on the podium wearing the colors of the country you represent, or the fencing club that supported your way to the medals!

How to order your club warmups



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The orders are collected until Thursday, November 30th, and estimated to be received by January.
The orders are placed two times a year: mid-May and mid-November.
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