New Student Registration

You had your free trial, and you liked it. Now what?

Here is how to enroll for the first time, as an Olympia student and club member:

  1. Start by signing up for a $10.00, non-competitive membership with the US Fencing Association. (Note that we need the membership in your child’s name, not the parent). This is needed for insurance purposes.

Please use an email address to which you have access for verification. If you’d like to register more than one child you must create an account in your name and add your children as dependents.
For a speedy process, we recommend filling out only the required fields.
After receiving the membership number provided, you must continue the process and choose the club affiliation with Olympia Fencing Center; we are the New England, Division 3.
No need to choose a secondary club, no coach, and no need for a membership card. 

In case you have any issues, you may call them: 719-866-4511.

2. Email us: (or simply reply to your trial confirmation email) and we’ll send you an electronic registration form while confirming your class date and time, and your fee.

3.  Show up to your first class with a credit card, so we can create a recurring subscription for you.
4. Your fencing gear rental will wait for you at your first class.
Read more here about rental terms, owning your gear, canceling your membership, and gear returns.

What to wear to classes

  • Long, athletic pants.
    No dresses/skirts, un-tucked, loose-fitting clothing.
  • Clean/dry sneakers, tennis shoes, or comfortable, closed-toe shoes.
    Please no boots, sandals, flip-flops.
  • Bring a water bottle.
    A filtered water fountain is available for refills.
    No drinking directly from the faucet’

Remember that our memberships are ongoing (no ending date), but you can cancel anytime by email.
Verbal cancelations are not accepted, please read our club’s policy on our website.

What happens after you register?

We’ll meet you in the lobby, and sign your child in his/her class.
They’ll receive a name tag and the rental gear package, which you can take home and use moving forward.
Read more here about the terms and conditions of the rental gear.
Your first month’s fee can be pro-rated.
There is no annual club fee for any beginner programs.

Please remember to bring your rental to each class. Fencing gear is costly to buy in large amounts, and we have a limited number of items to loan.
If you lose your loaned items, you get charged the price for each and must replace the lost item to continue fencing. The full gear package is secured against a $200.00 deposit.
The club is not responsible for the lost items.

There is no access to any class without a current USFA membership, your gear loaner, or while wearing an inappropriate outfit (long athletic pants, clean/dry sneakers, no dresses or skirts).


We hope that our students will love fencing with us, and we are happy to help the parents with purchasing new gear, weapons, and everything they may need as they’re moving forward through the different class levels, at the same price as the vendors.
This is only offered to our club members only, to lessen the stress related to sizing and learning about different types and options.

Here is the link to the page where you can read more about returning your gear loaner, fencing equipment prices, and other club gear that you may like to buy.