Medals for Olympia’s fencers, Coupe Du Danube, 2017

Great news are coming our way, from the Cadets World Cup, in Bratislava!

Olympia’s Robert Hondor had an amazing performance on Sunday, as part of the US teams.
Team USA 2: Hondor, Daroian, Dinkins, Mecke – Silver medal!

Robert Hondor, silver medal with them USA 2

They fenced: Slovakia: 45-25, Japan: 45-30, Romania: 45-36 and Hungary: 45-41, only to lose to the Team USA 1 (Piskovatskov, Lombardo, Chmut), in the final.

Jonas Hansen, with the Team USA 3, fenced: Japan, 45-36, Israel, 45-31 and Romania, 45-35, to lose for top 8 to USA 4 (Etchell, Haider, Grams, Vag-Urminsky) by 6 touches.

Gold and Silver for team USA36 teams from 16 nations have participated in the competition: USA, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine.

The United States came in the competition with five teams, all of whom finished in top 16, out of 36 best teams in the world.

Final results:
USA (Piskovatskov, Lombardo, Chmut) – 1st pl.
USA 2 ( Mecke, Daroian, Hondor, Dinkins ) – 2nd pl.
USA 4 ( Etchell, Haider, Grams, Vag-Urminsky) – 5th pl.
USA 3 ( Frank, Campbell, Spiteri, Hansen) – 13th pl.

 Cadet Women’s EpeeGreta Candreva, bronze, cadet WE

Daniel’s students, Greta Candreva and Emily Vermeule, place 3rd and, respectively, 12th, among 218 women fencers, from 28 countries.
Greta is currently ranked 20st in the world and 1st in the USA, while Emily, 64th and 9th in the USA.


Cadet Men’s Epee

Robert Hondor takes 14th place and Jonas Hansen, 70th, among 227 best cadets in the world. Robert is ranked 71st in the world and 12th in the country in this category.

(Note: these are past rankings which will be updated to reflect the latest results).

In this event, USA won the Gold, Silver and Bronze, while having 6 fencers in top 16 – very impressive!!

USA had two teams in Cadets Women’s Epee Team, they placed 5th (Candreva, Pirkowski, Kim, Gao) and, respectively, 6th (Kim, Scala, Bulavko, Lin).

Great job, everyone! Congratulations to all four Olympia’s fencers who participated in this competition and to their coach, Daniel Hondor, for these great accomplishments!!

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