Olympia students proudly represent the club, from Secaucus, NJ, to Grenoble, France!

Olympia’s fencers, Emily Vermeule and Robert Hondor,  altogether with Coach Daniel Hondor, were among the 300 athletes from 27 countries, who traveled to Grenoble this past weekend, to the Cadets World Cup.


22nd, Grenoble Cadet Circuit 2016Only the top 20 cadets for each country are eligible to qualify46th, Grenoble Cadets Circuit, 2016 for these high-level fencing competitions.

This was the fourth world cup for our young Emily and the second for Robert, both of whom proudly follow the steps of Olympia’s Alumni, Alejandra Trumble (12th in 2011, in Gothenburg, Cadet Women’s Epee, ranked 60st in the world, 17th, 2013 Gothenburg Junior World Cup, 27th, 2011 European Cadet Circuit, Grenoble (FR)Joshua Wolkoff (7th pl, 2015 Helsinki (FI) Cadet World Cup, ranked 71st in the world) and Cristina Gordet, 2013 Bronze Medalist, World Fencing Championship, Vet.50 WE, Bulgaria.

Emily finished 22nd and Robert, 46th, in Women’s and, respectively,  Men’s Epee events.

In the meantime, back home, in NJ, at the Cobra SYC, our young fencers top the charts, bringing home many Silver, Bronze and top 8 medals.

Our young competitors, both epee and foil, travelled to Secaucus, NJ for the Cobra SYC. Here are some of their best results:

  • Jordan McCarty, 2nd place, Y10 Men’s Epee
  • Dayus Gohel, 3rd place, Y10 Men’s Epee
  • Spencer Vermeule, 2nd place, Y12 Men’s Epee
  • Daniel Zhang, 2nd place, Y12 Men’s Foil and 7th place, Cadet Men’s Foil
  • Sophia Shen, 5th place, Y12 Women’s Foil
  • Lydia Shen, 6th place, Y10 Women’s Foil
  • Hagen Zheng, 8th place, Y14 Men’s Epee

Warm congratulations to the participants, the winners and their coaches!

Here are more photos from the competition.

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