Seven Medals at the annual Sword In The Snow.

                   Whittemore Center – Durham, New Hampshire

Wildcat Sculpture

Seventy of the best épéeists from fencing centers around the country have been registered for four Men’s and Women’s events, held on the first weekend of the new year 2015.

Olympia’s fencers returned home with seven well deserved medals among which one Gold, two Bronze, seven épéeists in top 8 and another four in top 16!!

Here are our best results:

  • Y10 Men’s Epee

Spencer Vermeule – 1st place
Alessandro Carleton – 3rd
Toni Wheelan – 6th                      
Neil Hommes – 7th
Liam Hanratty – 8th

  • Y12 Men’s Epee

Gabriel Feinberg – 3rd
Hagen Zheng 14th
Neil Hommes – 16th

  • Y12 Women’s Epee

Stella Harris – 5th place

  • Y14 Men’s Epee

Robert Hondor – 9th
Michael Corban – 11th.

This was especially an important event since for most of our little ones it was their FIRST time competing!
Our thanks go to the PARENTS – we appreciate your support, before, during and after the competition, many of you were attending one for your first time, as well, and we know how confusing and heart breaking this can be, watching your little one fencing older, taller, stronger fencers.
BUT – as you all could see, they were in good hands: as we promised, they all had a great experience, a good time and came home a bit wiser!

Thank you all, parents and participants and we’re looking forward to the rising of a new generation of champions!!

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