Summer Fencing Season, 2013, is over!


This summer, the weather has been treating us good, with nice temperatures, lots of sun and dry air, perfect for outdoors training sessions and open doors fencing time.

Summer camps have been lots of fun and it looks like everyone, big and small, enjoyed the training sessions.

Tailored to address to individual camper’s fencing level and ability, we started each day with morning sessions of three to five mile run, around the Cambridge’s beautiful Fresh Pond. camp.img

After a short period of recovery and stretching, tactical games (to increase speed and agility) followed.  Foot work, technical drills and short individual lessons, built up to personal style analysis and discussion.


Each day concluded with group fencing – each end of the camp week, with a fencing tournament and not ultimately, pizza party!

The summer was filled with great fencing moments, both inside and outside the club. First, we’ve celebrated Alejandra’s Trumble 18th birthday party, then we’ve said good bye to both, her and Stefan Mesarovich, as they attended their last class and getting ready to leave for college.

Alejandra got a fencing scholarship, to University of Pennsylvania, Stefan is going to be next door, at Drexler University.

Tearing up a little, along with their parents and friends, we’ve shared memories, since their first day as fencers, so many years ago, until today. They’ve made friends for life, had some wonderful times in our outings to fencing tournaments, all over the country, grew up under our eyes and now we have to let them go, towards a bright future.

Once more, we wish them good luck and to have a great time during this exciting period of their lives!



Great summer for USA fencing!

During our summer camps lunch breaks, we’ve all watched the 2013 Budapest World Fencing Championships, maybe the most impressive american results ever:

U.S. Men’s Foil Team Earns First Ever Senior World Silver Medal.

us.mens.foil (Team USA began the season with a gold at the Paris World Cup – the first ever World Cup team medal for the squad – and followed with three silvers in their remaining appearances on the circuit.)


w.team2013U.S. Women’s Saber Team Wins Third Straight Senior World Bronze.



miley.wats.champMiles Chamley-Watson becomes Foil Senior World Champion, first U.S. man to win an individual Senior World title.



2013 National Champion

2013 National Champion

Very exciting to see our fencer, Cristina Gordet, after winning this year’s National title, be a part of the USA World Team, at the Veterans World Championships, this year held in Varna, Bulgaria!




Summer Camp season 2013 has concluded with our first annual Campers Mixed Tournament.

We’d like to congratulate this year’s champion, Xavier Ghazaleh, also, Robert Hondor, placing second and our Canadian guest, Ylenor Cote, third place.

dan.winn. a camp1

Honorable trophies, “Olympia’s Shiniest Little Star” has been awarded to our Musketeer, Stella Harris, Emilio Bankier, Spencer Vermeule and our guest from New York, Connor Kravit, got the “Bravest Musketeer” trophy, for great effort in training.

Great fencing, great training, we thank you all for a great camping season, see you all next year!



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