Triple Champions at the Pomme de Terre 2017!

Pomme De Terre 2017
Brandeis University, Gosman Center
June 17-18, 2017

Three gold, three silver medals, Olympia fencers make top 8 in all épée events – incredible two, long days during the Father’s Day weekend!

Here are the top results in each category.

Senior Women’s Epee
Becca Barnes gets the gold while Emily Vermeule takes the silver.
Meghan O’Reilly and Jiay Ruan make top 16 with the 10th and, respectively, 15th place.

Senior Men’s Epee
Robert Hondor takes the 5th place while another four fencers in top 16: Noah Scott, 9th place, Gabriel Feinberg, 10th, Jonas Hansen, 11th and Simon Maisel, 15th.

E & Under Men’s Foil: Diran Jimenez – 1st place.
E & Under Women’s Epee: Angelica Brisk, 2nd place
E & Under Men’s Epee: Arno Min, 6th place.

In the teams’ events, Olympia’s Senior Men’s Epee, team one: Candreva, Corban, Hansen, Hondor – take home the bronze, while team two – Foley, Scott, Maisel, Zheng, gets the 6th place.
In the Senior Women’s Epee, Olympia’s girls dominate the competition by winning 1st and 3rd place.
“Olympia LEGends” – Candreva, Vermeule, O’Reilly – start with a bye then win 45-27 the semis and 45-29, in the final.
“Quads of the Gods” – Schmidt, Kain, Ruan – win first bout 45-25 and win for third, 45-27.

Happy Father’s Day!

Our thanks go to all the dads: fencing dads, or fencers/dads, fencers who celebrated dads through fencing – we hope that you caught a little time to get together after all, and we dedicate our medals to all of you, including coach Daniel Hondor and new dad, coach Kai Zhao!!

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Go Olympia! We Raise Champions!


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