Sprinting to spring with great successes and joy!

Olympia students score the best results in the New England Division at the March North American Cup!

The Baltimore Convention Center, in Baltimore, MD, has hosted another North Atlantic Cup, an event for  Y14/Y12/Y10, DV3 and Y14 Teams competitions.
Our club brings to the championship as many as 40 students, both epee and foil, in fifteen events, over four days of competition!

Here are the best results 

Y10 Women’s Foil: Lydia Shen, SILVER medal
Y12 Women’s Epee: Ava Wade-Currie – BRONZE, earns her C 2018, best of NE
Y12 Men’s Epee: Jaemin Feldman – BRONZE at his first major competition, best                                                                          result by far in the NE division, and earns his E                                                                    2018!
Y10 Men’s Epee: Jordan Macarty – 5th pl. (best NE Division result)

Y14 Women’s Epee: Ava Wade – 6th pl. among 149 registered
(best NE Division result and earned her C2018)
Y10 Men’s Foil: Alex Wu – 7th pl.
Y12 Women’s Foil: Lydia Shen – 7th pl., earns her D2018!
Y14 Men’s Foil: Kevin Liu – 8th pl., best result in the NE Division among 262 participants.

Special Mentions

  • Nine year old Phoebe Chisholm takes 15th pl. in Y10 Women’s Epee, and scores best result in the NE Division.
  • Matt Ouyang places 30th in Y12 Men’s Foil, somehow also best result of our Division… 89 fencers have participated and eleven were our club’s students, six of whom made it to top 64, in this strong event!
  • In the Y14 Men’s Foil, same number of Olympia fencers – eleven- compete among 262 registered!

 NEUSFA ONLY, Div II/III/Vet Qualifiers
Brighton, MA – March 24/25, 2018
Having fun with fencing 🙂

C & Under Senior Men’s Foil
Diran Jimenez scores the GOLD medal, while epeeist Robert Hondor places 21st, in a pool of 45 participants 🙂

C & Under Senior Men’s Epee:
Foilist Adam Yang takes the Silver medal, and earns his D2018 🙂
David Adamian takes 8th pl., and renews his E2018

C & Under Senior Women’s Epee: the only Olympia participant, Ali Letendre, wins the Gold medal and renews her D2018 rating.
C & Under Senior Women’s Foil: Irene Wu takes 6th pl.

Premier Fencing Club RJCC/RYC
Parsippany, NJ

Cadet Men’s Foil
Daniel Zhang, Gold medal

Y12 Men’s Foil
Evan Zhang, Gold medal
Andrew Gu, 6th pl.

Y12 Men’s Epee
Maximilian Shah, Gold medal
Jordan Macarty, Bronze

Junior Women’s Epee
Meg O’Reilly, Silver medal

Junior Men’s Foil
Diran Jimenez, Bronze medal

Y10 Women’s Epee
Linden Zheng, 6th pl.

Y14 Men’s Foil
Diran Jimenez, Gold medal

Y10 Women’s Foil
Lydia Shen, Gold medal

Y10 Men’s Epee
Jordan Macarty, Silver medal

Y12 Women’s Foil
Bridgette Ouyang, Silver

Junior Women’s Foil
Sophia Shen, Silver medal
Y10 Men’s Foil
Liam Yao, Bronze

Y14 Women’s Foil
Sophia Shen, 6th pl.

Cadet Women’s Epee
Michelle Pan, 8th pl.

Here is the list with the complete results.

D’Artagnan Series Challenge Series 4A (Y10/14 Epee) and 4B (Y8/12 Epee)

Two competitions a week apart with the biggest participation ever!
D’Artagnan events are growing, as we expected, and we thank you, the parents, for your support!
39 epee fencers from four fencing clubs have participated in the Y8/12 event and 43 fencers in the Y10/14, this month, at Olympia.

Here are the top three medalists for both competitions

D’Artagnan’s Challenge Series 4B (Y8/12 Epee)
March 18.2018

Y8 Mixed Epee
1. Victor Lisanke
2. Carter Bradshaw
3. Graeme Garvie and Natalya Cafasso

Y12 Mixed Epee
1. Luka Loncar
2. Linden Zheng
3. Max Prihodko and Cade Tupta

Check out the complete results list here.

D’Artagnan Challenge Series 4A (Y10/14 Epee)

Y10 Mixed Epee
1 Grant Skorupan (Allez Fencing Club)
2. Blaise Krivak (Olympia FC)
3. Phoebe Chisholm (Olympia FC), tied with Logan Walch (Allez)

Y14 Men’s Epee
1. Spencer Vermeule
2. Hagen Zheng
3. Gabriel Feinberg, tied with Liam Hanratty (all Olympia FC)

Y14 Women’s Epee
1. Julia Ying
2. Michelle Pan
3. Mari Abramson and Kira Hartness (all Olympia FC)

For a complete list of results and finding out more how the tournament went, click on this link.
(Tip: to see detailed information about the pools and DE’s, click the grey square on the right side of the event title).

Don’t miss the last two series of the competition, on April 8th and May 20st, 2018 – the awards series!

Here are the rolling points standings so far:
 Y8 Men’s Epee : Victor Lisanke is leading, followed by Carter Bradshaw, both form Olympia FC.
Y8 Women’s Epee: Natalya Cafasso and Brynne Gohel are fighting for the title.
Y10 Men’s Epee: Adrien Schick and Sasha Ivkov are leaders.
Y10 Women’s Epee: Phoebe Chisholm (OFC) and Hiba Hafeez (Vivo FC) are leaders.
Y12 Men’s Epee– Luka Loncar (Olympia FC) leading, followed by Richard Owen, from OSFC.
Y12 Women’s Epee – Marin Beem leading, followed by Julia Shephard, both from Olympia FC.
Y14 Men’s Epee – Olympia’s Jaemin Feldman and Philip Byrne are leaders.
Y14 Women’s Epee – Michelle Pan (OFC) and Ryan weinsier (Riverside FC), are neck to neck.

We love competition, bring it on!
Good luck to all and may be the best win!!


The Garden State RYC + Y8/Cadet              Gladstone, NJ
March 24,2018

Y8 Mixed Foil: Dereck Liu, Silver medal

Y12 Men’s Epee: Max Shah, Bronze
Dayus Gohel, 5th pl.

Y12 Women’s Foil: Lydia Shen, 5th pl.

Get ready for the 2018-19 season!


 Flower City ROC/RJCC Challenge
Brockport, NJ
March 16, 2018

 C & Under Women’s Epee:
Aeryn O’Reilly, Gold medal (C 2018)
Junior Women’s Epee: Meg O’Reilly, Silver medal
Aeryn O’Reilly, 6th pl.
Junior Women’s Foil: Serena Fang, 8th


The 2018-19 SYC and ROC Schedule is posted on the USFA website!

For the parents new to fencing, please contact us at: competitions@olympiafencingcenter.com, to learn how to get started.

Another great tool is our parents forum, in Google Groups,  where parents of Olympia students share tips, deadline reminders, and more.
We’re very grateful for such a great fencing community, become one of them today, learn from their experience and help your kids to the best they can be!

Don’t despair if you forget where to turn for information, always check out our website, under the Fencing Links menu.

Fencing camps are posted on the website

This year, we offer many opportunities for our students to prepare for the upcoming competitions and enhance their fencing skills.

Starting with the April Break Camp, there are as many as twelve separate camps, for both epee and foil, for all fencing levels.
For our second annual Sleepover Camp at Brandeis University  we have a special guest: Olympian and World Medalist, Spanish epee fencer Jose Luis Abajo .

For the Advanced Foil Camp, we’re happy to welcome back the former National Foil Team Coach and Olympic coach for The Egyptian Foil team and Premier Fencing Club Founder and Director, Tamer Tahoun.

 For many of these camps, spaces are limited, please register today, to secure your spot.

Lastly, let’s give a big hands up to the three Olympia students leaving today to the World Fencing Championships, in Verona Italy!

Emily Vermeule
Cadets Women’s Epee

Greta Candreva
Cadets/Juniors Women’s Epee

         Jonas Hansen
Cadets Men’s Epee

All three students, together with coach Daniel Hondor, will be in Verona fencing the Junior events, Men and Women, on Sunday, April 1nd, and Cadet, Monday, April 2nd.
Read more about this important competition on USFA website and follow their performance live on Youtube.

For those not familiar with the qualification path for the world championships: only three best Cadets and four Juniors from each country are eligible to participate.

Our students, Greta, Emily and Jonas, make half of the Cadet US Team qualified for this competition! Congratulations and best of luck!

Important announcement!

Olympia Fencing Center will be closed on Sunday, April 1st, in observance of Easter Day.
All classes, private lessons and Open Fencing are cancelled.

Have a fun and safe holiday!

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