Summer Camp for Advanced Fencers

Step up your training and get ready for the new season!
Speed and strength building, goal setting, mental and tactical preparation.
Indoors and outdoors exercises; our camp combines serious training with camaraderie and fun.

Our camps are held every summer for several weeks, during the month of July and August, and are specifically designed for different levels.
Generally, the youth camps require the least one year of fencing experience, while the more advanced camps, for junior fencers, require over three years of experience. Because of this factor, camp pre-registration needs approval.

The camp dates are usually posted on askfred.netstarting with the month of February, every year.
Camp hours: 10:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Cost: $120.00-$150.00/day
A minimum of three days is required.


The competitive camps are run by Olympia’s founder and director, coach Daniel Hondor, and other senior coaches. Every year we aim to invite special guests from the elite, international fencing world, which will be announced ahead.
Among our past international guests are Olympic and World medalist, Spanish fencer José “Pirri” Luis Abajo, Olympic and multiple world medalist, Romanian fencer Ana-Maria Popescu ( née Brânză ), Cornel Milan, Coach of the Romanian women’s épée national team, and others.

The youth camps are run by our Children’s Program Coordinator, coach Lori Schmidt, along with other youth coaches and assistant coaches, depending on the number of fencers signed up.


COVID-19 Update

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the world landscape, as well as our lives. However, as life must go on, we were able to adapt, evolve, and raise to the situation.

Here are a few of the measures we put in place during the last summer camps, in order to keep everyone safe and healthy:

1.Rotate between the students from indoors to outdoors.
In the past, we used to do our outdoor warm-up to Danehy Field, and the kids loved it. There are hills for drills, open-air, and shade when you need it. We’ll provide plenty of cold water and sunscreen.
2. Lunch will take place outside too, either at the field, either at the Fresh Pond, depending on where the students are closer at that time. Social distancing while eating will be mandatory and enforced.
3. A towel for sitting, extra masks to be changed as needed, and small, pocket personal sanitizers, to be used often, are necessary.
Baseball hats are highly recommended, and your own sunscreen, which can be packed up in a backpack, alongside your lunch and snacks.
4. The rides to the park will be provided by the club, in small groups, by car.
Face masks are mandatory during the ride, no chatting.
Handwash/sanitize before and after the ride.
5. Shoes will be sanitized upon returning to the club.

Please bring your own lunch, individually packed and ready to serve; no sharing permitted.
Iggy’s Bakery store is a short walk from the club, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Bon Me are also within walking distance.

Non-club members are invited to enjoy the same rate as our students!