Club Reopening Safety Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally transformed our lives, businesses, and communities.
As we’ve been cleared out by the Baker-Polito Administration, we are thrilled to restart our group classes!
We worked hard to make sure that, once back to class, the guidelines for the Phased Reopening are met: the club was freshly painted and sanitized, social distancing signs placed on the floors, and new rules and regulations created and sent over to our members.

Member Safety Program

  • Zoom classes will continue for some classes, for a period of time after re-opening (end of July).
  • No Open Fencing for non-members.
    We’re reserving these times for club members only, to minimize interactions with outsiders.

  • Parents, please drop off your kids in the parking lot, and pick them up at the end of their program.
  • Fencers should arrive at the club as close to the start of their lesson/class as possible, and be picked up as close to the end of their class as possible.
  • Using a single point of entry, all staff and students are required to be screened daily
    before entering the fencing floor.
  • Please wait by the door if someone is ahead of you, and keep 6 ft distance, by following the marks on the floor.
  • Screenings include non-contact temperature checks (using a temporal thermometer), and screening questions (including about particular symptoms experienced in the past 24 hours).
  • Staff is required to wear a cloth face-covering whenever six feet of physical distancing is not possible.
  • Families should provide their children with a sufficient supply of masks for their child, to replace as needed.
    The club can provide one in cases of emergency, but we’d appreciate those who bring their own.
  • Avoiding immediate contact (e.g., shaking or holding hands, hugging)
  • Absolutely NO outside shoes on the fencing floor.
    Please bring your fencing shoes and put them on in the hallway or in the waiting room, keeping 6 ft away from others, while wearing a facemask.
    The shoe rack has been moved in the waiting room, by the window, for your convenience.
  • Follow the one-way signs for entering and exiting the fencing floor.
  • No warm-up All students can stretch before each session, keeping the required distance from each other, and wearing a face mask.
  • Touchless sanitizing stations will be available throughout the club. Use it upon entry, and often during the class.
  • Hot water is now available in the restrooms, alongside touch-free soap dispensers.
    Please wash your hands for the least 20 seconds when needed. Use sanitizer often throughout your session.
  • The changing rooms will be closed during this time.
    Please come to your class all suited up as needed, and be ready to add gear on in the back of the club, by keeping 6 ft away from others.
  • Horseplay among fencers will not be permitted.
    Parents, please educate your children regarding any “jokes” or fake actions of coughing or sneezing with the purpose of “having fun”: there are absolutely not permitted, and object to expulsion from the club.
  • Reels should be sanitized with the provided spray sanitizer, and return to the box.
    Fencers should NOT hand off the reel end to another fencer.
  • The dock deck should stay open for fresh air.
  • No snacks permitted on the premises at this time.
  • Bring your own water bottle and refill as needed.
    No fountain use for drinking, only touchless bottle refill, please.
    Cold water by the bottle is also available in the fridge.
  • For camps and clinics, snacks and meals should be brought from home, pre-packaged, or ready-to-serve in individual portions to minimize handling and preparation. No food sharing.
  • Door handles and common space surfaces will be sanitized every day, at the beginning and end of the classes.
    Weekly deep cleaning will be scheduled among coaches and staff.
  • Cash payment for private lessons should be prepared from home, in an envelope, and have your child hand it out to the coach.

  • Parents of younger fencers, please remind them of the importance of social distancing.
  • All beginner fencers will have the choice to loan or purchase their own essential gear, take it home and clean it after each class.
  • $100.00 deposit will be required to rent the gear, which will include: mask, glove, jacket, chest protector, and body cord.
    The loaner gear should be returned, and the deposit will be refunded after the completion of phase 3, or TBD.
  • Fencers not using communal gear are required to take it home after each class and clean.

All returning members are required to bring the signed COVID-19 Liability Release Waiver.

Easy submission by scanning this code:

Remember: Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, cover your coughs!

This Safety Program has been drafted upon the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, the State of Massachusetts health considerations and tools for Youth Sports and Summer Camps, and the USA Fencing clubs reopening recommendations.
As the knowledge surrounding COVID-19 is constantly changing, Olympia Fencing Center does not guarantee or take any responsibility and liability as to the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of the information contained here.

Students/members traveling out of state or showing any signs of sickness will be sent home. They will only be re-admitted with a negative corona test, a doctor’s approval note, or after two weeks of self-isolation from the day of dismissal.
The student can continue classes via Zoom during this time.

Children with an allergy need to bring a doctor’s letter confirming the symptoms are allergy-related.

Full disclosure of possible illness from families, the coaching team, and staff are required.

Help us keep our fencing community safe and healthy!


  1. CDC Considerations for Youth Sports
  2. CDC Considerations for Youth and Summer Camps (May 19, 2020) 
  4. CDC Guidance for Reopening Buildings After Prolonged Shutdown or Reduced Operation
  5. Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19 CDC
  6. Handwashing Guidelines CD
  7. How to Protect Yourself & Others CDC
  8. Symptoms of Coronavirus: CDC
  9. COVID-19 Updates and Information

Click here for the Club Reopening Regulations in pdf format and printer-friendly.
Here is the printable July Open Fencing Schedule.

*Note that this schedule is subject to changes.*

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