Zoom Online Class Schedule

Olympia Fencing Center continues to offer online Zoom classes during phase two or the MA reopening plan.

As we resumed some of our in-person sessions in small groups, with a limited number of students, there is detailed information on the Club Re-opening Plan tab, including the safety precautions and guidelines to return to fencing.

  • For Zoom classes, we’re happy to welcome Olympia alumni and college students as guests, during our advanced classes. The spots are limited, please email info@olympiafencingcenter.com if you’re interested.
  • Zoom private lessons are available to both members and non-members.
  • Until things will go back to “normal”, all our active members will enjoy unlimited classes as scheduled, based on their level.
  • Adults fencers are encouraged to participate in the advanced classes, as are the siblings and families, for the beginner level.

Here are a few suggestions of things you need for a successful Zoom class/private lesson

  • Fencing glove and blade.
  • A homemade target: an old fencing jacket stuffed with a pillow, on top of a chair, positioned against a wall.
    Blue Gauntlet and Absolute Fencing sell square targets for $32.00
  • Large space in front of the target, to advance and retreat without bumping into things.
  • Laptop (or cell phone with the Zoom app downloaded/set up) on your side.
    A good view of the torso and arm is preferred by your coach.
  • For a right-handed, the camera would be on your left, for a lefty, the camera would be on your right.


We’re happy to report positive feedback about the quality of our online classes!
Here is what a parent wrote to us:

“We just wanted to write and thank you for all of your hard work and positive spirit in this challenging environment!  Your online classes are excellent, and provide a fun opportunity for families to fence together and encourage each other right along with you.  We really appreciate all you do to keep the Olympia family on track!
The classes are well-paced, and Riki and Lori have really adapted well to the format.

1. Recognizing the individual technique throughout the class.
Lori and Riki do a wonderful job of this, and it keeps the kids focused (they know they’re being watched).
2. Having one instructor demonstrate while the other narrates.
Again, Lori and Riki are terrific in trading off in this.
3. Keeping it fun with some music/dancing (while incorporating techniques) with the younger kids seems to work really well.
4. Keeping it simple.
The emphasis that Lori and Riki are putting on footwork, distance, timing and body position is really valuable.
5. Encouraging families/siblings to get involved…
I admit to wondering if this was a good idea at first…but it clearly is. There is some extra energy that happens when people are exercising together, and the way the classes are run makes it even more fun to get the family in on it.

You guys are great! I’m so impressed with all you have managed to pull off in such a high-quality way.
Bravo! Bravo!”

Online Private Lessons

During our efforts to offer our members some sort of normality, something to keep them going and get them ready for the restarting of the competition season, our coaches also offer Zoom private lessons.
After long hours and taking multiple factors into consideration, we have a finished product to proudly offer to our students.
For a limited time, private lessons are available to non-members, with selected coaches.
Please email: info@olympiafencingcenter.com, to find out more.

Exclusively for our members, we provide weekly core and strength exercises, via our YouTube channel, as well as all the class recordings.

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