About Us

 Olympia Fencing Center is New England’s largest fencing center, featuring over 6500 SF, state of the art equipment and 15 electrical/custom made for shock absorption fencing strips.

Located 15 minutes away from Boston’s city lights, across the beautiful Fresh Pond in Cambridge, Olympia is second home to fencers ages 5 to 65 and over.

Olympia Fencing Center offers épée and foil classes, seven days a week, along with summer camps, clinics and community outreach programs.

Founded and directed by former Romanian National Champion, Daniel Hondor, our club offers world class fencing training, with the goal to being the leading force in the regional, national and international fencing.

Along with Daniel, our stellar team includes World Championship finalist and multiple Chinese National Champion, Shuang Meng and Kai Zhao, member of China’s Junior and Senior National Foil Teams, both teaching foil.

Cristina Gordet, Bronze medalist, World Veterans Fencing Championships, 2013, National Gold medalist, Veterans 50 Women's Epee, 2013 and 2014.

Cristina Gordet, Bronze medalist, World Veterans Fencing Championships, 2013, National Gold medalist, Veterans 50 Women’s Epee, 2013/2014.

We welcome fencers of all ages and skill levels, our bi weekly Open Fencing program offers everyone the opportunity to fence Olympia’s best fencers as well as visitors from other fencing clubs around the country or the world, during over three hours of fencing, for only $15.00 floor fee.

If you are like the thousands who fell in love with this sport, your fencing club will become your second home. At Olympia, we take that responsibility seriously. Our fencers are competitors – and best friends. There are no age barriers, skill barriers, or shyness.

                                            FREE Fencing Class for Kids!

Olympia Fencing Center is continuously recruiting new talents.

Free fencing classWe want our members to love fencing, we believe that you can only excel in what you’re doing best and this is why we offer everyone a chance to try this wonderful sport.

Appointments required – email or call us today, to learn more and reserve your spot: info@olympiafencingcenter.com

(617) 945 9448

Some of our best results

Over the years, Olympia Fencing Center has produced some of the best epeeists in the country. Our students are active participants in world, national and regional events, continuously earning numerous titles and medals.

Joshua Wolkoff

Joshua Wolkoff

7th pl, 2015 Helsinki (FI) Cadet World Cup, ranked 71st in the world.

Maria Alejandra Trumble       alejandra

  1. 12th, 2011 Gothenburg (SE) Cadet WE, ranked 60st in the world.
  2. 17th, 2013 Gothenburg Junior World Cup.
  3. 27th, 2011 European Cadet Circuit, Grenoble (FR), Cadet WE.

Cristina Gordet

  1.  2013 Bronze Medalist, World Fencing Championship, Vet.50 WE, Bulgaria.
  2. 2013/2014 National Champion, Vet.50 Women’s Epee.
  3. 2011 Silver Medalist, North American Cup E (Veteran Open).
  4. 2010 Bronze Medalist, North American Cup E (Veteran Open).


USFA Points standing, as of October, 2015:

V50, Women’s Epee

Cristina Gordet, 2nd – best of the New England Division

Vet Women’s Epee

Cristina Gordet – 2nd

Natalia Stavisky, 6th – both best of New England Division.

Y14 Women’s Epee

Emily Vermeule – 3rd, best of the New England Division.

Y14 Men’s Epee

Jonas Hansen – 6th

Michael Corban – 46th.

Y12 Men’s Epee

Hagen Zheng – 8th

Spencer Vermeule – 12th

Gabriel Feinberg – 13th – all three, best results of the NE Division.

Y10 Women’s Epee

Ava Wade – 9th, best of the NE Division


Cadet Women’s Epee

Emily Vermeule – 21st, both best of the NE Division.

Isabel Kain – 36th

Becca Barnes – 38th.

Y12 Men’s Foil

Liu Niles – 20st

Alex Ma, 22nd

Daniel Zhang, 24th

V40 Women’s Epee

Angelica Brisk – 25th

Cadet Men’s Foil

Bin Huang – 35th, best of the New England Division

Cadet Men’s Epee

Robert Hondor – 45th, best of the New England Division

V50 Men’s Epee

George Scott – 54th