About Us

 Olympia Fencing Center is New England’s largest and  most  successful fencing center.

Our center is located 15 minutes away from Boston’s city lights, across the beautiful Fresh Pond, in Cambridge, MA.
Featuring over 6500 SF, state of the art equipment, and 16 electrical fencing strips, custom-made for shock absorption, our club offers world-class fencing training, being a leading force in the regional, national and international fencing.

Olympia Fencing Center offers épée and foil classes, seven days a week, along with summer camps, clinics and community outreach programs.

Founded and directed by former Romanian National and European Champion, Daniel Hondor, our stellar team includes World Championship finalists and multiple Chinese National Champions, Shuang Meng and Kai Zhao, former members of China’s Junior and Senior National Foil Teams.

We welcome fencers of all ages and skill levels.
Olympia’s bi weekly open bouting program  gathers the best fencers around the country and the world.
NCAA student-athletes, Olympia’s Alumni, in town visitors, and our best students, fill the fencing floor every Wednesday and Sunday.

If you are like the thousands who fell in love with this sport, our fencing club will become your second home. At Olympia, we take that responsibility seriously. Our fencers are competitors – and best friends. There are no age barriers, skill barriers, or shyness.

                                            FREE Fencing Class for Kids!

Olympia Fencing Center is continuously recruiting new talents.

We want our members to love fencing, we believe that you can only excel in what you’re doing best and this is why we offer everyone a chance to try this wonderful sport.

Appointments are required: email or call us today, to learn more and reserve your spot.
info@olympiafencingcenter.com Phone: (617) 945 9448

Some of our best results

In July 2017, our young club, founded in 2012, has received from the US Fencing Association the “Excellence Award in Membership“, as the fastest growing club in the country!

Over the years, Olympia Fencing Center has produced some of the best fencers in the country. Our students are active participants in world, national and regional events, continuously earning numerous titles and medals.

Here are a few stories:

Robert Hondor 

  1. Junior Olympic Champion, Cadets Men’s Epee, 2017
  2. Silver medal with US Team, and 14th, individual, Cadet Circuit, Bratislava (SVK), 2016
  3. 15th, Cadet Circuit, Klagenfurt (AUT), 2016
  4. 46th, 2016 Cadet Circuit, Grenoble (FRA).
    Robert was ranked 43rd in the world and 9th in the US in Cadet Men’s Epee.

Emily Vermeule

  1. Silver, Junior Women’s Epee, at the 2017 Summer Nationals and July Challenge, Salt Lake City, UT.
  2. National Champion, 2016, Y14 Women’s Epee.
  3. Pomme De Terre Champion, 2016, Senior Women’s Epee.
  4. 12th at the 2017 Cadet circuit, Bratislava (SVK)
  5. 35th out of 261 fencers, 2016 Cadet circuit, Bratislava (SVK)
  6. 20th at the 2016 Cadets World Circuit, Klagenfurt (AUT).
  7. 45th at the 2015 Cadet Circuit in Copenhagen (DNK)
  8. 49th at the Cadet Circuit in Klagenfurt, Austria, November 2015 (at only 13 years old)

Emily is training with coach Daniel Hondor since 2012. In only three years, she qualified for international competitions and worked her way up to a National title.

Joshua Wolkoff

  1. 7th pl, 2015 Helsinki (FI) Cadet World Cup, ranked 71st in the world.
  2. Silver at the 2015 Pomme De Terre, individual and teams.


Maria Alejandra Trumble       alejandra

  1. 12th, 2011 Gothenburg (SE) Cadet WE, ranked 60st in the world.
  2. 17th, 2013 Gothenburg Junior World Cup.
  3. 27th, 2011 European Cadet Circuit, Grenoble (FR), Cadet WE.

Both Ale’s sister, Isabela, and mom, Angelica, are epee fencers.
Angelica is the coach of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School Fencing Team, the Falcons, proudly supported by our club. She is a part of our coaches team, teaching the Musketeers programs.

Cristina Gordet

  1.  2013 Bronze Medalist, World Fencing Championship, Vet.50 WE, Bulgaria.
  2. Veteran World Championship Teams: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013
  3. 2013/2014 National Champion, Vet.50 Women’s Epee.
  4. 2011 Silver Medalist, North American Cup E (Veteran Open).
    5. 2010 Bronze Medalist, North American Cup E (Veteran Open).

Cristina started fencing following her daughter’s steps. She was training with coach Daniel Hondor since 2009. She’s still an active fencer today.

USFA Points standing, as of September, 2017


Juniors Women’s Epee: *Greta Candreva, 2nd
Emily Vermeule, 12th

Cadet Women’s Epee: *Greta Candreva, 1st
Emily Vermeule, 3rd –   best national ranking in the New                                                         England Division (Emily just entered the Cadet age                                                             group)

Cadet Men’s Epee: *Hunter Candreva, 9th
Jonas Hansen, 10th (best national ranking in the New England Division)
Michael Corban, 23rd
Hagen Zheng, 31st

Junior Men’s Epee: Robert Hondor, 25th (best national ranking in the NE Division, Robert just entered the Juniors age group)

Y10 Men’s Epee: Jordan Macarthy, 2nd – best ranking in the NE Division
Y12 Men’s Epee: Spencer Vermeule, 2nd – best ranking in the NE Division
Tony Whelan, 18th

Y14 Men’s Epee: Hagen Zheng, 4th
Spencer Vermeule, 6th
Gabriel Feinberg, 9th   _ all best rankings in the NE Division

Y10 Women’s Foil: Lydia Shen, 5th

Y12 Women’s Foil: Sophia Shen, 18th

Y12 Men’s Foil: Samuel Du, 21st – best national ranking in the NE Division

Y14 Men’s Foil: Daniel Zhang, 10th – best national ranking in the NE Division

Senior Men’s Epee: Robert Hondor, 65th (2nd best ranking in the NE Division)

Vet 40 Women’s Epee: Eva Heinrich, 10th

Vet 40 Men’s Epee: Kevin Foley, 29th

*Note: Greta and Hunter Candreva live in New York and practice at the Putnam County Fencing Club and NY Athletic. However, they are paid members of our club, they’re training with Olympia’s director, Daniel Hondor, and travel to Cambridge twice a month for private lessons and open bouting. 

Other important achievements obtained by our club’s fencers:

Pomme De Terre, 2016: 14 year old Emily Vermeule won the Senior Women’s Epee, making her the youngest fencer to win the competition in 28 years.

May 2016: Emily earned her A rating, making her the youngest A rated fencer in the New England Division and one of the youngest in the country.

May 2016: 15 year old, Allan Ding, foil student training with Coaches Shuang Meng and Kai Zhao, has earned his A rating, becoming also the youngest A rated male foil fencer in New England.

Winning the Pomme de Terre since 2013!

Olympia Fencing Center is an important staple of this prestigious competition, since it’s birth, in 2013.

2013: Ingrid Ma wins the E & Under Senior Women’s Epee
2014: Xavier Ghazaleh, E & Under Senior Men’s Epee Champion
2015: Kevin Foley, Vet Combined Men’s Epee Champion
2016: Emily Vermeule, Senior Women’s Epee Champion
Diran Jimenez, E & Under Senior Men’s Foil Champion
2017: Rebecca Barnes, Senior Women’s Epee Champion
Olympia Legends (Greta Candreva, Emily Vermeule, Meghan O’Reilly), Senior             Women’s Epee Team Champions.

It will be continued……

High School State Champions three years in a row!

2015: Matthew Mansoor earned double Gold, Massachusetts State Champion Men’s Epee and Captain of the State Champions Men’s Epee Falcons Team!
Rebecca Barnes, fencing for the Beaver Country Day School fencing team, has earned Silver in the Women’s competition!

2016: Becca Barnes, State Champion, Women’s Epee
Isabela Trumble, 3rd place
Jonas Hansen, 3rd place, Men’s Epee
Leo Chen wins the Foil Men’s Epee, crowns as the new Foil State Champ.

Becca fenced for Beaver Country Day School, Isabela and Jonas, for the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School.

2017: Noah Scott, State Champion, Men’s Epee
Jonas Hansen, 3rd place, Men’s Epee
Lilla Csoknyai, 3rd place, Women’s Epee

All three fencers were fencing for the Falcons Team, representing the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School.

College Bound!

Daniel’s Hondor former student, Alejandra Trumble, has won the women’s epee competition, at the Ivy League College Championships, in Ithaca, New York,  as a U Penn Junior. 
Alejandra also led the women’s team, to place fourth in the teams’ competition.

Alejandra is the only fencer to score the most wins in the university’s history, ever.


Matthew Mansoor
, former student and coach at Olympia, between 2012-2016, is studying and fencing at Penn State, and coming home to his fencing club during all vacations.

So is Alisa Hofmann, Daniel’s student since 2007, in her second year at Penn State.


Zachary Boynton started training with Coach Daniel in 2008, until his graduation from Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, and continuing education at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
Today, an Assistant Coach at Cornell University, Zach is occasionally returning to his home club, whenever visiting his family, in Cambridge, to fence his former clubmates and friends.


Here are a few more of our club’s former students, currently attending college:

  • Connor Ghazaleh, 2015, Duke University
  • Isabela Trumble, 2016, Boston University
  • Isabel Kain, 2017, Northeastern University
  • Noah Scott, 2017, Stevens Institute of Technology

We’re looking forward to raising new generations, and each one will grow fond in our hearts, because, at Olympia, we’re not just a fencing club, we’re a big, happy family!

WE RAISE CHAMPIONS, in fencing and in life!