Birthday Parties

Fencing Birthday Parties

We offer a FUN, ACTION-PACKED, and UNIQUE birthday party experience!

Sign up today for an exciting experience your kids won’t forget – a fencing birthday party.

If you find your kids picking up anything that looks like a sword and having battles with hordes of imaginary foes (or maybe just their sibling), then a fencing birthday party is just the thing!

Our parties are designed for two different group ages:

The Musketeers Adventure* – for kids 6 to 10.

90 minutes of fencing games and sword-fighting entertainment for everyone in a real fencing club environment.

For the little ones, we’ll start with a fun warm up game and an interactive lesson in how to move like a fencer.

The kids will learn then about the fencing equipment and get the chance to suit up in real fencing gear.

This is a great time for girls and boys with a sense of adventure and a love of swords.

 This package gives you the option to use, instead of real fencing gear, the special fencing play suits, lighter and easier to manage, for the little ones.

Knights in White* – for 10 to 14 years old

If your son or daughter keeps bugging you about trying fencing, Knights in White is exactly what you’re looking for – fun and exciting, the feeling of being a real fencer on the strip, facing your opponent (and earning your pizza slice right after!).

We’ll begin with a short introduction to fencing, basic rules, strategy and actions.

Young aspiring fencers will try target practice, drills and bouts.

Our price: $35.00/child – bring your own pizza/cake/sodas – we provide the supplies.

Dress code is as follows: tshirt, long pants, sneakers.

Make sure you book in advance to ensure availability, 25% deposit required 10 days prior to the event.

All guests will get 50% off first month membership at the club.

* A minimum number of 10 kids is required.

In addition to our fun Birthday Parties, our center offers Fencing Parties for both kids and adults, for a flat rate of $25.00/person/hour, for a minimum of 10 people ($35.00/90 minutes) for private group instruction, including: basic rules, score touch system, equipment and fencing bouts (matches) – hours of fun, being active and trying something new!!

Please, schedule your party in advance to make sure you secure your date, by emailing or calling us.

A 25% deposit is required within 10 days of your event.

Our fencing floor is custom made, on foam blocks, for shock absorption, the only one of this kind in the US – most fencing centers have cement or flat wood floors.

We’re looking forward to hosting your fencing party!!

For any questions, call us at 617-945-9448 or email: