About Us

Olympia Fencing Center is the second-largest fencing club in the USA and New England’s most successful fencing center.
Our students hold multiple National, World, and Junior Olympic titles, many fencing now in college, in NCAA teams.

Both our locations in Cambridge and Newton, MA, display over 6500 SF of space, 12 FT high ceilings, sixteen electrical fencing strips, and custom-made for shock absorption fencing floors, to assure the safety and well-being of our fencers.

Olympia Fencing Center is an exclusively épée club, offering classes seven days a week, along with summer camps, clinics, and community outreach programs.

Founded and directed by former Romanian National and European ChampionDaniel Hondor, and our stellar team of coaches includes current educators in Boston/Cambridge public schools, and active, high-ranked fencers on the national points list.
All our foreign coaches are receivers of O1 Visa, for excellence in their field.

Olympia Fencing Center offers the lowest student/coach ratio in the country, our classes are closely supervised and our students are hand-picked when moved to different programs. Good communication and highly organized programs resulted in amazing results over the years.

Olympia Fencing Center welcomes fencers of all ages and skill levels.
Our bi-weekly open bouting program gathers the best fencers around the country and the world.
NCAA student-athletes, Olympia’s Alumni, in-town visitors, and our best students, fill the fencing floor every Wednesday and Sunday.

If you are like the thousands who fell in love with this sport, our fencing club will become your second home. At Olympia, we take that responsibility seriously. Our fencers are competitors – and best friends. There are no age barriers, skill barriers, or shyness.

 FREE Fencing Class for Kids!

Olympia Fencing Center is continuously recruiting new talents.

We want our members to love fencing, we believe that you can only excel doing something you love, and this is why we offer everyone a chance to try this wonderful sport.

Appointments are required: please follow this link to book your free trial at any of our Cambridge or Newton locations.
Due to the large volume of calls, email is preferred, if you have more questions: info@olympiafencingcenter.com

Some of our best results

In July 2017, our young club (founded in 2012) has received from the US Fencing Association the “Excellence Award in Membership“, as the fastest growing club in the country!

Over the years, Olympia Fencing Center has produced some of the best fencers in the country. Our students are active participants in world, national and regional events, continuously earning numerous titles and medals.

Emily Vermeule

  1. Youth Olympic Games Bronze medalist, Women’s Épée, Buenos Aires, AG, 2018.
  2. Silver medalist, World Championships 2018, Cadet Women’s Épée, Verona, IT, 2018(#2 in the world)
  3. Cadet Women’s Épée National Champion, 2018.
  4. Silver medalist, Junior Women’s Epee, 2018 Summer Nationals
  5. Silver medalist, Junior Women’s Épée, at the 2017 Summer Nationals and July Challenge, Salt Lake City, UT.
  6. National Champion 2016, Y14 Women’s Épée.
  7. Pomme De Terre Champion, 2016, Senior Women’s Épée.
  8. 12th at the 2017 Cadet circuit, Bratislava (SVK)
  9. 35th out of 261 fencers, 2016 Cadet circuit, Bratislava (SVK)
  10. 20th at the 2016 Cadets World Circuit, Klagenfurt (AUT).
  11. 45th at the 2015 Cadet Circuit in Copenhagen (DNK)
  12. 49th at the Cadet Circuit in Klagenfurt, Austria, November 2015 (at only 13 years old).

Emily is training with coach Daniel Hondor since 2012. She is the youngest fencer ever in the New England Division to earn her A rating (at only 14 years old).
She was the only US woman épéeist to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in October 2018, where she took fifth place in the individual events, and Bronze with the US Team.
Emily is currently a freshman at Harvard University, majoring in American Literature.

Robert Hondor

  1. NCAA 2021 Bronze medalist.
  2. Senior Men’s Épée Champion 2019, NEUSFA Pomme De Terre
  3. Junior Olympic Champion, Cadets Men’s Épée, 2017
  4. Silver medal with US Team, and 14th, individual, Cadet Circuit, Bratislava (SVK), 2016
  5. 15th, Cadet Circuit, Klagenfurt (AUT), 2016
  6. 46th, 2016 Cadet Circuit, Grenoble (FRA).

Robert was ranked 43rd in the world and 9th in the US in Cadet Men’s Épée, and 35th in the US, in Juniors Men’s Épée rolling points, at the time he went to college. He’s currently attending the New Jersey Institute of Technology and will major in mechanical engineering.

Spencer Vermeule

  1. Y12 Men’s Épée Champion, March NAC 2012
  2. Capitol Clash Gold medalist, Y12 Men’s Épée 2017
  3. 16th at the Cadet Circuit, 2018 Klagenfurt (AUT)

Spencer is training with Coach Daniel Hondor and is currently ranked #2 in USFA National rolling points, in Cadet Men’s Épée.

The younger brother of Emily Vermeule, the two often have to travel at the same time, but in different parts of the world, for international fencing events.

Joshua Wolkoff

  1. 7th pl, 2015 Helsinki (FI) Cadet World Cup, ranked 71st in the world.
  2. Silver at the 2015 Pomme De Terre, individual and teams.

Maria Alejandra Trumble

  1. 12th, 2011 Gothenburg (SE) Cadet WE, ranked 60st in the world.
  2. 17th, 2013 Gothenburg Junior World Cup.
  3. 27th, 2011 European Cadet Circuit, Grenoble (FR), Cadet WE.

After graduating high school, Alejandra went to lead the U Penn’s Women’s team, and she is the only fencer to score the most wins in the university’s history, ever.
Both Ale’s sister, Isabela, and mom Angelica are epee fencers.
Angelica is the coach of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School Fencing Team, the Falcons, proudly supported by our club. She is a part of our coaches’ team, teaching the youth programs.

Cristina Gordet

  1.  2013 Bronze Medalist, World Fencing Championship, Vet.50 WE, Bulgaria.
  2. Veteran World Championship Teams: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013
  3. 2013/2014 National Champion, Vet.50 Women’s Épée.
  4. 2011 Silver Medalist, North American Cup E (Veteran Open).
    5. 2010 Bronze Medalist, North American Cup E (Veteran Open).

Cristina started fencing following her daughter’s steps. She was training with coach Daniel Hondor since 2009. She’s still an active fencer today.

Women's Epee vet 50 World Bronze Medalist

USFA Points standings, as of January 2019

Juniors Women’s Épée: Emily Vermeule, 1st place, best national ranking in the New England Division.

Senior Women’s Épée: Emily Vermeule, 10th place.

Junior Men’s Épée
Jonas Hansen,  17th place
Robert Hondor, 25th

Senior Men’s Épée: Robert Hondor, 46th

Cadet Men’s Épée
Spencer Vermeule, 13th in individual points, and 10th in team points, best national ranking in the New England Division.

Vet 40 Men’s Épée: Kevin Foley, 8th – top ranking for the NE Division

Vet 60 Men’s Épée: George Scott, 24th – top ranking for the NE Division

Y14 Men’s Épée
Spencer Vermeule, 4th place
Tony Whelan, 26th

Y12 Men’s Épée: Luka Loncar – 19th – best ranking in the NE Division

Y10 Men’s Épée: Blaise Krivak, 18rh – best ranking in the NE Division

Y14 Women’s Épée: Ava Wade, 24th

Y10 Women’s Épée
Phoebe Chisholm, 4th
Natalya Cafasso, 14th
Sierra Springer, 27 – all –  best rankings of the NE Division

Vet 40 Women’s Épée: Eva Heinrich, 12th – top ranking for the NE Division

Vet 50 Women’s Épée: Angelica Brisk, 7th

Other important achievements obtained by our club’s fencers

Pomme De Terre, 2016: 14 year old Emily Vermeule won the Senior Women’s Épée, making her the youngest fencer to win the competition in 28 years.

May 2016: Emily earned her A rating, making her the youngest A rated fencer in the New England Division and one of the youngest in the country.

Winning the Pomme de Terre since 2013!

Olympia Fencing Center is an important staple of this prestigious competition, since it’s birth, in 2013.

2013: Ingrid Ma wins the E & Under Senior Women’s Épée
2014: Xavier Ghazaleh, E & Under Senior Men’s Épée Champion
2015: Kevin Foley, Vet Combined Men’s Épée Champion

  • Emily Vermeule, Senior Women’s Épée Champion2017
  • Rebecca Barnes, Senior Women’s Épée Champion
  •  Olympia Legends (Greta Candreva, Emily Vermeule, Meghan O’Reilly), Senior Women’s Epee Team Champions.
  • Emily Vermeule, Senior Women’s Épée Champion
  • Jonas Hansen, Senior Men’s Épée Champion
  • Olympia FC (Robert Hondor, Jonas Hansen, Spencer                Vermeule, Michael Corban): Senior Men’s Epee Team Champions.
  • Olympia FC (Emile Vermeule, Pauline Chretien, Alissa Hofmann, Meg O’Reilly), Senior Women’s Epee Team Champions
  • Robert Hondor, Senior Men’s Épée Champion
  • Olympia FC (Emily Vermeule, Pauline Chretien, Ava Wade, Elena Robles), Senior Women’s Epee Team Champions
  • William Gonzalez, E & Under Senior Men’s Epee Champion
  • Carmen Correea, E & Under Senior Women’s Epee Champion.

To be continued….
To read more about this competition, please read our note on our Facebook fan page, here.

High School State Champions three years in a row!

2015: Matthew Mansoor earned double Gold, Massachusetts State Champion Men’s Epee and Captain of the State Champions Men’s Épée Falcons Team!
Rebecca Barnes, fencing for the Beaver Country Day School fencing team, has earned Silver in the Women’s competition!

2016: Becca Barnes, State Champion, Women’s Épée
Isabela Trumble, 3rd place
Jonas Hansen, 3rd place, Men’s Épée
Leo Chen wins the Foil Men’s Épée, crowns as the new Foil State Champ.

Becca fenced for Beaver Country Day School, Isabela and Jonas, for the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School.

2017: Noah Scott, State Champion, Men’s Épée
Jonas Hansen, 3rd place, Men’s Épée
Lilla Csoknyai, 3rd place, Women’s Épéee

All three fencers were fencing for the Falcons Team, representing the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School.

College Bound!

  • Alejandra Trumble is the winner of the women’s épée competition, at the Ivy League College Championships, in Ithaca, New York,  as a U Penn Junior.
    Alejandra also led the women’s team, to place fourth in the teams’ competition.
    Alejandra is the only fencer to score the most wins in the university’s history, ever.
  • Robert Hondor: Bronze medalist at the 2021 NCAA, held at University Park, Pennsylvania.
Robert Hondor Bronze at the 2021 NCAA

Here are a few of our students who continued fencing in college:

  • Katya Stavisky: Stanford University 2017
  • Alisa Hofmann:  Penn State graduate 2018
  • Matthew Mansoor: Penn State graduate 2018
  • Zachary Boynton started training with Coach Daniel in 2008,  was an Epee Assistant Coach at his Alma Matter, Cornell University.
    Zach is currently back to fencing in his old club, and working and living in his hometown of Cambridge.
  • Connor Ghazaleh: Duke University 2019
  • Isabela Trumble: University 2020Still in college:
  • Robert Hondor, NCAA New Jersey Institute of Technology 2021
  • Isabel Kain, Northeastern University 2021
  • Noah Scott, Stevens Institute of Technology 2021
  • Becca Barnes, UNC 2021
  • Ben Hazell, Temple 2022
  • Emily Vermeule: Harvard University 2024
  • Jonas Hansen: Harvard University 2024
  • Meghan O’Reilly, Notre Dame 2021
  • Aeryn O’Reilly, Notre Dame 2024
  • Xavier Ghazaleh: Duke 2024

We’re looking forward to raising new generations, and each one will grow fond in our hearts, because, at Olympia, we’re not just a fencing club, we’re a big, happy family!

WE RAISE CHAMPIONS, in fencing and in life!