A very succesful month and looking forward to the future!

Olympia’s cadets bring home Gold and Bronze from Espoo, Finland!

For the second time this month, Olympia Fencing Center brings a record number of fencers from the same club, to a cadet world competition!
Olympia’s Emily Vermeule and Greta Candreva, alongside Jonas Hansen, Hunter Candreva and Hagen Zheng were among the 280 best cadets in the world, fencing in Espoo, this weekend!

Greta brings home the Gold, in Women’s competition, while Jonas takes the Bronze medal, in Cadets Men’s Epee.
Both Hagen and Hunter made top 32, in men’s event (Hunter, 17th and Hagen, 27th) in a pool of 141 fencers, while Emily placed 33rd, among 140 women, losing by one touch to the Bronze medalist, Italian Margherita Calderaro.

Congratulations to the winners and Coach Daniel Hondor, who traveled with them to Finland.

Earlier this month…

Five medals at the November NAC

Kansas City, MO

Gold, Silver and Bronze, seven Olympia fencers make top 8 and sixteen, top 64, in eight events, both epee and foil!

Here are some of the best results:

Cadet Women’s Epee
Greta Candreva, Gold medal
Emily Vermeule, 7th place

Y14 Men’s Epee: Gabriel Feinberg, 2nd place

Y14 Men’s Epee (174 fencers)
Daniel Zhang, 5th
Diran Jimenez, 26th

Junior Women’s Epee (194 fencers)
Greta Candreva, 6th
Emily Vermeule, 27th
Isabel Kain, 39th

Junior Men’s Epee (almost 300 fencers!!!)
Jonas Hansen, 7th
Robert Hondor, 32nd
Hunter Candreva, 35th
Michael Corban, 54th

Cadet Men’s Epee (226 fencers)
Hunter Candreva, 10th
Jonas Hansen, 14th
Spencer Vermeule, 26th

Cadet Men’s Foil: Adam Yang places 58th among 286 fencers.
Junior Men’s Epee: Paul Gaudet, 46th

Congratulations to all participants, the winners, and to Coaches Daniel Hondor, Kai Zhao, Shuang Meng and Sean Qiao!!

Late October…

Klagenfurt Cadet World Cup


After a very difficult journey, with multiple stops and plane changes, our students bring home medals from the Cadet World Cup, in Klagenfurt, AU: 15 year old Greta Candreva takes the Bronze while Emily Vermeule takes 6th place, in a pool of 210 best cadets in the world!
Hunter Candreva places 33rd, followed by Jonas Hansen, 34th, out of 210 Men cadet fencers registered in the competition.

In the teams event, Jonas takes the Silver medal, with Team USA 2: Hansen, Shinholster, Rayle, Dinkins, surpassing other 37 Men’s teams from all over the world.

Event highlight: Olympia Fencing Center brings to this international event one of the highest number of registrants among other US based fencing clubs – five cadets epeeists (two girls and three boys), and one of the youngest ever – 14 year old Hagen Zheng, at his first international competition!

D’Artagnan’s Challenge Series 2A (Y10/14 Epee)

November 19, 2017
Cambridge, MA

The latest series of the 3rd annual competition has wrapped up this weekend, at Olympia.
While the older, advanced fencers, were traveling the world twice in a month, our young generation had another chance to prove themselves and get even closer and more ready than ever to the competitive field!

Here are final results to the Y10, Mixed and Y14, Men’s and Women’s Epee

Y10 Mixed Epee: 21 Competitors

Grant Skorupan, 1st place (Allez FC)
Blaise Krivak, 2nd place (Olympia FC)
Phoebe Chilsom, 3rd place (Olympia FC)
Shivan Shrestha, 3rd place (Allez FC)
Linden Zheng, 5th  ————>
Adrian Schick, 6th ———–> All from Olympia FC
Niko Moustakas, 7th place —>


Y14 Men’s Epee

Jaemin Feldman, 1st place (Olympia FC)            
Seva Plotnichenko, 2nd place (Marx FA)
Coby Lai, 3rd (Marx FA)
Jaden Ruan, 3rd (Olympia FC)
Noah Ferreira, 5th (RIFAC)
Max Prihodko, 6th (Olympia FC)
Cade Tupta, 7th place (Olympia FC)


Y14 Women’s Epee

Michelle Pan, 1st place (Olympia FC)
Keira Lonadier, 2nd (Marx FA)
Kira Hartness, 3rd (Olympia FC)
Ryan Weinsier, 3rd (Riverside FC)
Sadie Kabrhel, 5th (Olympia FC)
Nina Prihodko, 6th (Olympia FC)
Marin Beem, 7th (Olympia FC)


Congratulations to the winners, many thanks to the participants and to the parents, as always, for their invaluable support!

It’s the season to give thanks!

From our fencing family to yours, we wish you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING, filled of joy, thankfulness, and appreciation for what we have, what we worked hard for, for our families and friends, for our communities we live in!!

Our center will be closed in observance of Thanksgiving weekend on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 24, 25 and 26, and reopen to regular schedule on Sunday, November 27.

Have a safe and fun holiday!


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