Another successful Musketeer Competition!

The biggest and most important thing when it comes to start competitive fencing it’s to start early!

Discovering yourself as a fencer, learning how to deal with the pressure, to control your nerves, to make split second decisions, are crucial for a young fencer’s future.

This is why we’re happy to run the bigger musketeer competitions in the New England Division, to help our kids start right and be prepared for the years to come.

Our “D’Artagnan’s Challenge series are becoming bigger and bigger!
We’re happy to welcome musketeers from Ocean State Fencing Club, Blackstone Valley Fencing Academy, Syracuse Musketeers Fencing Club,Vivo Fencing Club, Allez Fencing and Training Center and looking forward to other clubs to participate.

Here are the results of this weekend’s competition:

Unrated Y8 Mixed Epee

IMG_2291 IMG_2287 IMG_2212

Niko Moustakas , 1st place

Phoebe Chisholm, 2nd

Ale Whelan and Linden Zheng, tied for 3rd place

Marius Dornin, 5th

Carter Bradshaw, 6th

Francisco Santos, 7th

Antonio Santos, 8th

(All fencers from Olympia Fencing Center).

Unrated Y12 Mixed Epee:

IMG_2269 IMG_2159 IMG_2161

Liam Hanratty, 1st place (OFC)

Logan Matthews, 2nd (BVFA)

Dayus Gohel and Lou Maes, tied for 3rd place (OFC)

Marcel Szegedi, 5th (OFC)

Sawyer Langton, 6th (OSFC)

Michelle Pan, 7th (OFC)

Nico Rose, 8th (OFC)

Congratulation to all and thank you for playing!

Click here to see more photos from the competition.



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