This is how Olympic Bronze looks like, and we have it!

Buenos Aires, Argentina October 3-18, 2018

 Olympia Fencing center is proudly the only fencing club on the North   American continent to send a woman épéeist to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games!

Emily Vermeule, currently ranked 2nd in the world in Cadet Women’s Épée, 2018 Cadet Women’s Épée National Champion, Junior Olympics Women’s Épée Bronze medalist and World Silver medalist, Verona, Italy, has joined the other five US team fencers, to bring home Olympic Silver and two Bronze medals.

The 2018 U.S. Youth Olympic Team included 87 athletes (47 men, 40 women), who were competed in 24 disciplines across 21 sports.
Team USA has won a total of 18 total medals: 6 Gold, 5 Silver, 7 Bronze.

The US Fencing is the only country to qualify all three weapons to the games! Six fencers in total, three men and three women, one for each weapon: épée, foil and sabre.

Buenos Aires 7/11 Octber 2018
Youth Olympic Games- Epee Women
in photo: VERMEULE Emily Photo Augusto Bizzi


Kenji Bravo wins the Olympic Silver in the individual sabre event and May Tieu, the Bronze in foil.

Seventeen-year-old Emily Vermeule and 16-year-old Isaac Herbst (Houston, Texas) placed fifth and eighth in the individual women’s and men’s Epee events.

In the team events, the US team (Vermeule, Bravo, Tieu, Herbst and Vidovszky) bring home the Olympic Bronze!

Buenos Aires 10 Octber 2018
Youth Olympic Games- Team Event
Photo Augusto Bizzi

 Here are the US fencers:

Emily Vermuele – Épée – Olympia Fencing Center, Cambridge, MA
Alexis Anglade – Sabre – Nellya Fencing Club, Atlanta, GA
May Tieu – Foil – Premier Fencing Club, New Jersey, NJ

Kenji Bravo- Sabre – Massialas Foundation, San Francisco, CA
Isaac Herbst – Épée – Alliance Fencing Academy, Houston, TX
Robert Vidovszky – Foil – Premier Fencing Academy, Carmichael, CA

Interesting facts about the games

The Youth Olympic Games are an elite sporting event for athletes ages 15-18 and are held every four years, just like the Olympic Games.
The first summer edition was held in Singapore in 2010, followed by the first winter edition in Innsbruck in 2012.
The second summer edition was held in Nanjing in 2014. Following the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games, the third summer edition, 2018, took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Year Host City Nations Events Sports Athletes Male/Female
2010 Singapore 204 201 26 3,522 1,846/1,676
2012 Innsbruck 69 63 7 1,022 556/466
2014 Nanjing 203 222 28 3,759 1,908/1,851
2016 Lillehammer 71 70 7 1,067 567/500
2018 Buenos Aires 206 241 32 3,998 1,999/1,999

Team USA Makeup

Year Host City Athletes Male Female
2010 Singapore 82 32 50
2012 Innsbruck 57 37 20
2014 Nanjing 94 48 46
2016 Lillehammer 62 42 20

Congratulations to all fencers, what an amazing journey and a once in a lifetime chance to be part of such a huge event!
Congratulations to the coaches, such a great accomplishment!

Go, Team USA!


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