Cristina Gordet is the new World Veterans Bronze Medalist!

World Veterans Fencing Championships, Varna, Bulgaria, October 2013


Cristina Gordet, Bronze medalist Olympia Fencing Center is proud to announce our fencer, Cristina Gordet is the new World Veterans Bronze Medalist!

After winning the National Title this summer, in Columbus, Cristina and the US Veterans Team has embarked for Varna, Bulgaria, where as many as thirteen countries, including Italy, France, Russia, Germany, competed for the World Title.

“A few hours ago, Cristina Gordet posted (on her Facebook page) that she was “having a disastrous day” at the 2013 Veteran World Championships. Four hours later, Cristina walked away with the bronze medal. Congratulations Cristina! The U.S. is proud of you!” (original post by Damien Lehfeldt, on his Facebook page, “The Fencing Coach”)

Veterans World Fencing Championships 2013
Taking up fencing because her daughter fenced, eight years later (including last four years of training with Daniel Hondor, Olympia’s head coach), Cristina not only achieved her dream, as an athlete: to make the US World’s Team – but became one of the world’s medalists!

Cristina Gordet, welcome home
How did she do it?
Passion for fencing, perseverance in training, ability to overcome the downs of the sport and never entirely happy with her results, wanting more and more, discovering  her inner self and staying in control of her emotions – here she is, bringing the Bronze medal home, to US and her club, Olympia Fencing Center.

(Overall, Team USA ended the Veterans 2013 World Championships with five medals out of six events! The U.S. Women’s Saber, Épée and Men’s Saber Teams won gold! The women’s foil took silver and men’s foil claimed bronze. Men’s épée finished sixth.)

Following her achievement in Bulgaria, at the 2013 World Fencing Championships, Cristina Gordet placed now number one in the USA, for her group age!
Congratulations, Cristina and thank you for your hard work and dedication, for being so proud to be part of our club!

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