A Camp For Each Season!

Located in the beautiful Fresh Pond of  Cambridge, a short drive from downtown Boston, Olympia Fencing Center offers seasonal camps during all schools vacations, for beginners or advanced fencers.
Olympia is the regional premier choice for foreign fencers who travel for vacation, work or study.
Over the years we welcomed students from Italy, Hungary, China, Romania, Qatar, France, Egypt, Korea and many other countries, we made friends and continue to stay in touch on social media or whenever we travel to competitions.

Olympia Fencing Center offers camps and epee and foil clinics, for all ages and skill level.

Fencing Camps for Beginners/Intermediate

Co-ed camp, designed for children ages 8- 12, with little or no fencing experience.kidFencer (2)

The campers will learn about the Olympic sport of fencing in a fun and safe environment.

Our large facility includes 15 electrical fencing strips, changing rooms, view area for parents, homework station, kitchen space (fridge, coffee maker), AC.

All fencing equipment is provided.

Our experienced coaches will teach you to hold a sword and the tricks of the first touch!
All our coaches are United States Fencing Association professional members, CORI verified, with extensive experience working with children.

Every child brings home a camp T shirt and lots of great memories!

Fencers out of the state are welcome to attend, boarding may be arranged upon request. Email us for more information: info@olympiafencingcenter.com

What to bring:

• Lunch pack, two snacks (we encourage fruits), water bottle.
We have a fairly large fridge that kids can use, make sure your lunch is marked up with your child’s name.
• Shorts, athletic pants, sneakers.
Long pants are mandatory during bouting, shorts can be worn for stretching, footwork and games.
• Extra T shirt.
• Your happy face!   😆 Frowns are not allowed in the club – we’ll make sure that won’t happen!

A non-refundable registration fee, which will be included in your total payment, is required to reserve your spot.

The fee can be mailed to our address (127 Smith Pl., Cambridge, MA, 02138) or submitted via PayPal.

Registration Forms and Medical Release are required on your first day, and can be downloaded  from our camp’s page here.


Fencing Camp for Advanced Fencers

Our club offers camps and clinics for epee and foil, for all ages and skill levels.

Competitive fencers will receive the highest- quality fencing training,  lead by coaches Daniel Hondor, Shuang Meng and Kai Zhao, experienced and internationally recognized coaches.

Weather permitting, the daily schedule starts with a morning run to the close by Fresh Pond or Danehy Field, warming up and conditioning, followed by drills, target practice, tactical bouting and individual training, for a total body workout. The day will end with video discussion and customized exercise planning.

A minimum of three days are required although, being a progressive training camp, we strongly encourage the least one week.

Registration is usually open on askfred.net starting with January.

Example Schedule day camp:

9:30 – 10:30 Welcome, warmup, footwork, plyometrics.
10:30 – 11:30 Target practice, drills, blade work (every other day we’ll have outdoors activities)
11:30 – 12:30 Structured bouting
12:30 – 1:30 Lunch
1:30 – 2:30 Open fencing
2:30 – 3:30 Fencing Masters, video analysis

Medications during camps

We strongly recommend parents of those that need prescription or over the counter medication to administer them to the children prior to coming to camp. We will not accept any sort of medication on the club grounds (inhalers are ok).
Let us know if your child has any allergies – we take your child safety seriously.

Send us your questions by emailing us at: info@olympiafencingcenter.com

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