Olympia’s fencers clean up in medal count at the NEUSFA Qualifier

Our young fencers dominate at the NEUSFA Y14 Qualifier and Y12/Y10 Division Championship

Another young generation is rising rapidly to find great success from the beginning. We’re very happy to see our kids fencing fiercely, make their coaches proud, and stay the best in the New England Division.

Another medal sweep in both epee and foil,  we got Gold, Silver and Bronze and most of the fencers made top 16 in ALL events.

Here are the top results:


Y10 Mixed Epee
  • Jordan Macarty, 1st
  • Dayus Gohel, 3rd
  • Luka Loncar, 5th
Y12 Men’s Epee
  • Tony Whelan, 1st
  • Bora Kosar, 3rd
  • Dayus Gohel, 6th     15
Y12 Women’s Epee
  • Kira Hartness, 3rd
Y14 Men’s Epee
  • Tony Whelan, 7th
Y14 Women’s Epee
  • Ava Wade, 3rd


Y10 Women’s Foil
  • Lydia Shen, 1st                  10
  • Rachel LI, 3rd
  • Jade Qian, 7th
  • Qihan Fu, 8th
Y10 Men’s Foil
  • Charles Bing, 2nd
  • Evan Zhang, 3rd
  • Castor Kao, 3rd
  • Eric Li, 6th
  • Tianshuo Yan, 8th
Y12 Women’s Foil
  • Sophia Shen, 3rd
  • Lydia Shen, 9th
  • Rachel Li, 14th
  • Jaime Yu, 18th    shuang
Y12 Men’s Foil
  • Poluk Chen, 3rd
  • Charles Bing, 5th
Y14 Women’s Foil
  • Sophia Shen, 3rd
  • Irene Wu, 7th
Y14 Men’s Foil
  • Adam Yang, 1st
  • Daniel Zhang, 2nd
  • Diran Jimenez, 5th
  • Blas DiTella, 6th

To see the complete results and details of the competition click here!

Another place, another medal!

Brick City ROC & RJCC

paulJonas Hansen traveled to Rochester, NY to represent Olympia at the Brick City ROC & RJCC. He wins the Cadet event and places 6th in Div 1 Men’s Epee.

In the same competition, Paul Gaudet brought home a silver medal in the Cadet Men’s Foil as well as finishing 13th in the Div 2 Men’s Foil event. Way to go Paul!
Philip Byrne earns 6th place in Y12 Men’s Epee, at the D’Ambola RYC, NJ, and same places Andrew Gu, in Y10 Men’s Foil, who also makes top 16 in the Y12 event. Alessandro Carleton takes 13th place, at the same competition, Y12 ME.

Such a great weekend!

Congratulation to the winners and coaches: Daniel Hondor, Lori Schmidt – for epee, and Shuang Meng, Kai Zhao and Sean Qiao, foil!!

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