Medals from the European Cadet Circuit

Olympia Cadets bring medals from the European Cadet Circuit, this weekend in Budapest, Hungary

October 5-6, 2019

Fencers from all over the world have met this past weekend in Hungary, to compete for the Budapest Cadet Men’s Epee Cup.

Two of Olympia’s students have qualified for this competition, in both individual and team events.
In the teams event, 53 fencing teams from 21 countries have challenged each other for the podium.
Olympia’s Spencer Vermeule wins the Silver medal, alongside his teammates in Team USA 1: Skyler Liverant (NYFA), Stafford Moosekian (SFS), and Miles Weiss (AFA).
Team USA 2: Olympia’s Gabriel Feinberg, alongside Mark Dolgonos (NYFA), Kent Iyoki (NTFA), and Alllen Marakov (Medeo FC), take the 8th place.

In the individual event, Gabriel Feinberg finishes 19th in a pool of 322 participants!
Please follow this link to the complete results page.

Congratulations to all and good luck in the next international events of the season!

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