First results of the season are here and they look great!

 Super Youth Circuit at the Boston Fencing Club
September 1-4, 2017

Olympia epeeists and foilists make top 16 as much as 37 times, with 13 fencers in top 8, over 11 different events during three consecutive days of fencing!

With three Silver, four Bronze medals and two ratings changes, here are the best, top 16, results:

• Y-10 Men’s Epee: Jordan Macarty wins the Silver medal.
All other four Olympia students: Adrian Schick (10th), Blaise Krivak (12th), Francisco Santos (14th) and Carter Bradshaw (16th)- make it all to top 16!



• Y10 Women’s Foil
 Lydia Shen, Silver medal
Kristen Chun, 12th place

• Y-12 Women’s Foil: Sisters Sophia and Lydia Shen, get the Silver and Bronze,     while Angel Fu and Bridgette Ouyang, place 14th and, respectively, 16th place

• Y12 Men’s Foil: Samuel Du, Bronze medal, best NE result
Castor Kao, 10th place, Matt Ouyang 12th and Eric Pan, 13th

• Y14 Men’s Foil
Kevin Liu, Bronze medal – earns his C rating!
Daniel Zhang, 5th
Diran Jimenez, 6th



• Y14 Men’s Epee: Hagen Zheng, 5th
Spencer Vermeule, 8th
Tony Whelan, 15th
Jaden Ruan, 16th

           • Y10 Men’s Foil: Andrew Gu, Bronze medal
Liam Yao, 6th
Eric Li, 7th
Edward Tianshuo Yan, 14th

• Y-12 Men’s Epee
Maximilian Shah, 7th place
Dayus Gohel, 8th
Jordan Macarty, 10th
Luka Loncar, 11th
Matteo Benzan, 16th

  • Y10 Women’s Epee: 8 years old Natalya Cafasso, and Claire Handler, and 9  years old Phoebe Chisholm and Linden Zheng, take 7 to 11th place, after fencing each other in the direct eliminations, their first time in a major competition! Keep these names in your mind, we’re so proud of our girls!!


• Y12 Women’s Epee: Ava Wade,
• Y14 Women’s Foil: Sophia Shen, 10th – earns her D rating
Irene Wu, 15th

For more photos from the competition, see the album on our Facebook fan page.

Among the 58 fencers from our club participating in this weekend’s event, over half are new to competition, and for some it was their first time!
Let’s put our hands together for our novice team, who showed great courage and put up an amazing fight: Adrian Schick, Blaise Krivak, Antonio and Francisco Santos, Kevin Cui, Douglas Zhang, Alexander Wu, Natalya Cafasso, Phoebe Chisholm, Sally Hoagland, Claire Handler!

All these fencers earn regional and national points and can qualify for the Summer Nationals 2018!

Out of state, at the Albert Chikayev Memorial, Div 1A/Div 2 ROC, in Hackensack, NJ, Paul Gaudet takes 5th place in C & Under Senior Men’s Foil (after losing the final for one touch), and Sammy Shortall comes in 7th in the women’s event.

Great kick off to the new season, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!

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