Olympia Fencers Dominate both Epee and Foil Competitions, this weekend, in New York and Brighton, MA

Many Gold medals, Silver, Bronze and ratings change happened this weekend, as Olympia’s fencers had great results in two competitions, during this weekend.

Thrust Fall RJCC, Suffern, NY

• Cadet Men’s Epee: Robert Hondor, 1st place
Michael Corban, 7th
• Cadet Men’s Foil: Paul Gaudet, 11th Place
• Junior Men’s Epee: Michael Corban, 7th, earned his A rating!
Robert Hondor, 12th
• Junior Women’s Epee: Becca Barnes, 5th
• Junior Women’s Foil: Sammy Shortall, 15th











Boston Fencing Club Youth Tournament Series 3

Olympia’s fencers dominated the competition winning Gold in four out of the six events!

Big hands up for Olympia’s foilists, winning ALL the foil events and special mention to all those who participated in a competition for the first time!
Congratulations to coaches Shuang Meng and Kai Zhao, for their hard work and brilliant results!

Y10 Mixed Foil: Charles Bing, 1st place
Castor Kao, 2nd
Yan Tianshuo, 3rd
Liam Li, 5th
Jade Qian, 7th
Rachel Li, 8th

Y10 Mixed Epee: Luka Loncar, 2nd
Dayus Gohel, 3rd

Y12 Mixed Foil: Samuel Du, 1st
Chen Poluk, 2nd
Evan Zhang, 3rd

Y12 Mixed Epee: Jaden Ruan, 3rd
Ava Wade, 5th
Dayus Gohel, 6th
Julia Yang, 7th

E& Under Y14 Mixed Epee: Oliver Luo, 1st
Mario Mrowka, 3rd

• E& Under Y14 Mixed Foil: Blas Di Tella, 1st
Samuel Du, 2nd


Congratulations to the winners and special thanks to coach Lori Schmidt!

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