Pomme De Terre Champions, since 2013!!

Over fifty Olympia fencers have participated in the 31st annual Pomme De Terre competition, held this weekend at Brandeis University.
We’re extremely proud to continue our tradition and bring home Nine medals, this time: four GOLD, one SILVER and four BRONZE, over ten events, in Foil and Epee!

15 Fencers have made it to top 8, 25 fencers to top 16, and many more making top 32.

Olympia’s Robert Hondor is the 2019 Pomme De Terre Champion in Senior Men’s Epee, where 108 fencers have crossed weapons.
Olympia wins also Silver and Bronze in this event, with Gabriel Feinberg, 2nd place, and Spencer Vermeule, 3rd!!


Another Gold medal is received by the Olympia’s Women’s Epee Team: Emily Vermeule, Pauline Chretien, Ava Wade and Elena Robles.
They win first DE (45-16) to Marx Blue (Kirkwood, Parte, Siddiqui), and second DE (45-37) to Bay State Fencers 2 (Provenza, Didonato, Carvalho, Benning), and went for gold in the final DE with Marx Red (Marx red: Bates, Zafft, Cobert).


Our Colombian guest, William Gonzalez (who’s training with us for the 2019 Colombian Nationals, alongside his teammates from Liga de Antioquia de Esgrima) gets the Gold in E & Under Men’s Epee. His teammate, Andrea Correea, wins the women’s event.

The Senior Men’s Foil, was the largest event, with 112 participants, and Olympia’s fencers bring home another two Bronze medals: Daniel Zhang and Adam Yang, who receives his first A Rating!



Jiayi Ruan is the Bronze medalist in Senior Women’s Epee event.
Julia Ying and Alejandra Piedrahita Gomez also share the Bronze in E & Under Women’s Epee.


In addition to these, here are Olympia’s fencers top 8 medalists:

E & Under Men’s Foil: Eric Pan, 5th place
E & Under Men’s Epee: Max Shah, 7th.
Senior Women’s Epee: Pauline Chretien, 6th place, followed right after by Ava Wade, 7th
Vet Combined Men’s Epee: David Adamian: 5th and Felipe Santos, 8th place.

Congratulations to all winners and their coaches!!

We’ll see you in 2020!

We’re proud to say that our club is a fierce adversary and multiple time winner of this competition, since we open our doors, in 2013!
Here is a timeline with our champions (gold medalists only), since our first participation.
For the complete list of the results, please follow the included links.

In addition to these Gold medals, our students have earned many Silver, Bronze, and placed themselves in top 8, over these years.

To read more about this competition, including “what’s up with the name?”, please read our note on our Facebook fan page, here.

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