Emily Vermeule wins the Silver at the Fencing World Championships in Italy, and qualifies for the Junior Olympic Games 2018!!

April 2, 2018
After securing her position on Team USA for the first time with Junior Olympic wins in the cadet events, Emily Vermeule accomplished several firsts at the Junior and Cadet World Championships in Verona, Italy.
Competing at her first Cadet Worlds, Emily won the first individual international medal of her career, taking the silver. She also won Team USA’s first medal of the tournament.

Emily was the youngest fencer in the country to earn her “A” rating (the highest national rating in fencing) at only 14 years old, when she won her first national gold medal!
Among her highest, most recent accomplishments, Emily is the Cadet National Champion and Bronze medalist, 2018 Junior Women’s Epee.

On the boys side, Jonas Hansen scores second best results for Team USA, taking 19th place in Cadets Men’s, after Isaac Herbst 7th place.

For those new to fencing, here are the short version guidelines on how athletes qualify for these world championships:

  • For Cadet World Championships (under 17), the national top three ranked fencers on the Cadet team points standings (for each weapon) at the end of the season are selected for the team and will compete individually at the tournament.
  • For Junior World Championships (under 20), the top four ranked fencers on the Junior team points standings (for each weapon) at the end of the season are selected for the team and will compete individually at the tournament.
    Read here more detailed information regarding qualification for the world championships.

Following her silver medal at the Verona World Championships, and rapidly climbing on the points ladder, Emily Vermeule qualifies for the 3rd SUMMER YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES, to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in October 2018.

The Youth Olympic Games is the world’s largest multi-sport event for high-performance young athletes.
The event, promoted by the the International Olympic Committee, gathers young athletes aged between 15 and 18.
The games are held every four years; it has two editions, winter and summer, which are held every two years alternately.
The qualification basically works like the Olympic Games, the main difference is that the athletes eligible to compete at Buenos Aires 2018 are younger, since they must have been born between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2003.

Emily is now ranked #2 in the world Cadet Women’s Epee, she and coach Daniel Hondor will travel to Buenos Aires this fall, Olympia Fencing Center becoming the first and only fencing club in the New England Division to send an athlete to this prestigious competition!

Here is the final bout recording, including the commentaries, live from Verona, via FIE channel, the final between Emily Vermeule, USA and Kaylin Hsieh, HK.

Kaylin visited Olympia right after her returning from Italy, her plans include enrolling in a college and continuing her fencing training, to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.

Here is Kaylin, among our club’s students, where she hopes to train if she will study in a Boston based college.

More photos from this prestigious event are available on our Facebook album, “Verona, the story of a medal

➡ Interesting fact: Kaylin Hsieh Sin Yan is training at the Hong Kong Sports Institute, and coached by Octavian Petru Zidaru, who’s a former coach of the Romanian Men’s Team and one of Daniel’s former coaches

Here are the complete results of the US fencers in Verona

Besides Emily’s Silver medal, Claire Beddingfield, from Pacific Palisades, California, takes 11th place in Cadet Women’s Epee.
Cadet Women’s Epee, three-time Cadet World Team member, Greta Candreva places 33rd, after a perfect 5-0 in pools, to lose to Kateryna Chorniy (UKR), for top 32.

In the Cadet Men’s Epee competition, Isaac Herbst (Houston, Texas) scored the best result for Americans, taking̲ 7th place, while Olympia student, J̲o̲n̲a̲s̲ ̲H̲a̲n̲s̲e̲n̲, places 19th in a pool of 151 best Cadets in the world.

The winner of a medal at all three Junior World Cups this season, Team USA, composed of Greta Candreva alongside Giana Vierheller, Ariana Mangano and Barbara VanBenthuysen, takes 7th place in the Junior Women’s Epee Teams, among 34 teams in the competition.

The Men’s Epee Team, composed of: Jonathan Piskovatskov, Stephen Ewart, Alan Temiryaev, and Teddy Lombardo, placed 17th among 42 teams.

Other Results of the Month

Boston Fencing Club Region 3 RJCC
Brighton, MA

 Junior Men’s Epee 
Robert Hondor – GOLD Medal
Michael Corban – BRONZE Medal
Hagen Zheng – 6th place


Cadet Men’s Epee:   David Leigh – GOLD Medal
Toni Whelan – BRONZE Medal
Cadet Men’s Foil:  Daniel Zhang – GOLD Medal
Adam Yang – BRONZE Medal
Kevin Liu – 5th
Junior Men’s Foil:  Daniel Zhang – BRONZE Medal
Adam Yang – 5th
Cadet Women’s Foil: Sophia Shen – 5th

D’Artagnan’s Challenge Series 5A
Y10/14 Epee 

Olympia F.C – April 08, 2018

Unrated Y10 Mixed Epee: Linden Zheng – GOLD Medal
Adrian Schick – SILVER Medal
Phoebe Chisholm – 5th
Elizabeth Tytell – 7th
Jasper Taylor – 8th

Y14 Men’s Epee:   Jordan Macarty – GOLD Medal
Jaemin Feldman – SILVER Medal
Dayus Gohel – BRONZE Medal

Y14 Women’s Epee: Michelle Pan – SILVER Medal
Nina Prihodko – BRONZE Medal


This was the last competition of the Y10/14 Epee and Mixed Epee, the Award Series.

Here are the winners, all from Olympia FC
Adrian Schick – Y10 Men’s Epee
Phoebe Chisholm – Y10 Women’s Epee
Jaemin Feldman – Y14 Men’s Epee
Michelle Pan – Y14 Women’s Epee



Don’t miss the last series of the Y8/12 Mixed Epee, scheduled for Sunday, May 20, to see who’s getting the trophies!
So far, these are the points standings:
Y10 Men’s Epee: Adrien Schick and Sasha Ivkov are leaders.
Y10 Women’s Epee: Phoebe Chisholm (OFC) and Hiba Hafeez (Vivo FC) are leaders.
Y12 Men’s Epee– Luka Loncar (Olympia FC) leading, followed by Richard Owen, from OSFC.
Y12 Women’s Epee – Marin Beem leading, followed by Julia Shephard, both from Olympia FC.

April 20-23, 2018

Emily’s done it again!!
The best fencers in the nation have participated in Richmond, VA, this weekend, at the Division I/Wheelchair National Championships and April North American Cup.

Olympia’s Emile Vermeule takes 5th place in Div I Women’s Epee, the youngest fencer to score a high place on the podium!
At only 16 years old, Emily follows right after Amanda Sirico, Kasia Nixon, Natalie Vie and Kat Holmes.
Here is a little about Emily’s opponents in this event, from the USFA official page:

Between 2004 and 2017, London Olympic medalists Kelley and Courtney Hurley (San Antonio, Texas) have won 10 individual Division I National Championships with five each and Kelley as the reigning National Champion. The Hurleys recently locked positions on their 11th Senior World Team together as the top two fencers in the nation with their Rio Olympic teammate Kat Holmes (Washington, D.C.) mathematically guaranteeing the No. 3 spot and qualification for her fifth Senior World Team. The race for the fourth position will come down to two fencers each looking to qualify for the Senior Worlds for the first time. Natalie Vie (Phoenix, Ariz.) currently holds the fourth position after a season that included a pair of silver medal finishes at the December and January NACs as well as top-64 results in each of her three international appearances. Amanda Sirico (Bowie, Md.) only fenced in two international events, but earned a top-32 result in Tallinn in October and took second at the NAC in the same month.

Here is the link to the complete results list.

Other notable results of Olympia Fencers in this competition

Vet 40 Women’s Epee
Coach “Brisky” wins the Gold!
Hard work pays off: Angelica has committed to long hours of practice and lessons with coach Daniel (while also teaching the teens epee program at the club and coaching the Falcon Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School fencing team), have materialized this weekend in a shiny gold medal!

Fencing mom to two wonderful girl fencers: Alejandra (Ivy League champion, former UPenn Épée Team Captain, recognized as the fencer with the most wins EVER, in the university’s history) and Isabela, Olympia alumnae (2016) and Boston University sophomore, Angelica has earned with this occasion her A2018 rating!


Div l Men’s Epee
Robert Hondor places 18th in a pool of 114 best epeeists in the country. He loses for top 16 to the Bronze winner, Ramirez (Peter Westbrook Foundation/Metro NYC ) and scores best result of the New England Division.
Div ll Women’s Foil: Samantha Shortall, 11th place, also best result for the New England Division.
Vet 40 Men’s Epee: Kevin Foley takes 7th place (also best of NE)

Congratulations to the winners, to coach Daniel Hondor, for helping along the way, congratulations to our club, for producing great and consistent results!!

We Raise Champions!



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