Keep active, learn something new, and have fun this summer!
Registration is ongoing for Summer 2023!!

About Our Camps

Competitive fencing is one of the fastest-growing sports in North America, and if you haven’t tried it yet, summertime is the best time to start!

Our camps are designed for children ages 9-14. We welcome both beginners (with little or no fencing experience), and intermediate fencers (with under 3 years of competition experience). Fencers will be split according to age/skill level for fencing-specific drills/exercises. Full fencing gear is provided.

Olympia Fencing Center coaches consist of world-class fencing masters and professional educators with CORI and Safe Sport certifications. Camps will be appropriately staffed according to the number of students registered, ages, and skill levels.

We make learning fencing fun and enjoyable, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The address for our Cambridge Location: 127 Smith Pl. Cambridge, MA, 02138. Click here for directions.

Camp details

Week 1: Jul 24 – 28, 2023
Week 2: Jul 31 – Aug 4, 2023

Times: 9 AM – 3 PM
Cost: $625.00/week OR $135.00/day
Minimum of three days per week required.
10% Sibling Discount Available
2-hour extended pick-up available ($15.00/hour)

Full payment is due on the first day of the camp, by check or credit card, payable to OLYMPIA FENCING CENTER.
Registration with regular fee closes on July 10, 2023; $100.00 late fee is applicable after this date.

What do you need to sign up for the camp?

1. Registration Form
   Click on the link above and fill out the days, including the extended pick up for each day.

2. $100.00 deposit. The deposit will secure your spot and is not refundable.
If you are not an existing Olympia student, you must sign up, and create an account.
The account should be on a parent/guardian’s name; use the family tab to add a dependent.
Note that the system will capture your payment info, and your full payment will be processed at the time of the camp.

3. A few days before camp, we will email you a free electronic fencing waiver (USFA Trial Membership Form) that will be good for 14-consecutive days.
Note: the waiver doesn’t apply to OFC existing students, or those who filled this waiver in the past.
In these cases, an active, non-competitive USFA membership is required. Follow this link to get yours

What to Expect during the camp

Lots of FUN!
Our camp day starts with warm-up exercises and stretches, followed by agility games, footwork, and target practice.
Supervised fencing bouts are followed by a lunch break (around 11:30 AM), during which time we’ll run fencing-related movies on our big screen TV.
The rest of the camp day will consist of fencing basics: correct stances, lunges and parries, the rules, the electrical scoring system, bouting, and round-robin.
The camp week concludes with a fencing tournament, medals will be awarded, and a pizza party.

What you need to bring:

  • Lunch pack, two snacks (we encourage fruits), water bottle.
    Perishable lunches can be stored in our on-premise fridge, so please make sure your lunch is marked up with your child’s name!
  • Shorts, athletic pants, sneakers.
    Long pants are mandatory during bouting, shorts can be worn for stretching, footwork, and games.
    No dresses, skirts, flip flops, or any open-toe shoes.
  • Water bottle (a filtered water fountain is available for refills).
  • Hair ties for those with long hair.
    Hair must be pulled back and tucked behind the fencing mask.
  • Extra T-shirt, if you’d like to change after.
  • Face masks, for those who prefer to wear under the fencing mask.

Cancellation Policy

Olympia Fencing Center always prides by a high-flexibility in scheduling, to accommodate our busy families, so we only ask for a deposit to secure your spot in our very popular camps.
Because we must have a clear idea of the camp staffing needs, there are no deposit refunds.
If the camp doesn’t meet the required limit of ten people registered and we need to cancel, we are glad to refund your deposit in full.

Additional Information/FAQ (Read Before Registering!)

  • Q; Do I need any fencing experience to sign up for the camp?
    A: No. Our camps are designed for both beginners and intermediate fencers. While the games and warming up will be combined, our coaches will divide the campers by age/level groups during the fencing practice.
    Our 6000 SF air-conditioned facility offers plenty of space and comfort for our campers to enjoy their camp days.
  • Q: Is there a difference between the camps offered at Newton and the camps offered at Cambridge?
    A: No, both locations offer the same high-quality instruction for individuals new to Fencing.
  • Q: I would like to sign up for multiple camps but I cannot attend them back to back. Is this going to be a problem?
    A: No! Our camps are designed so that you can jump right into each one without having to have any pre-existing knowledge from any of our previous camps.
  • Q: Is there any way for me to see what a camp looks like before participating?
    A: Unfortunately, we do not have any recordings of previous camps, but we do have some great photos (see below!).  Additionally, we live-stream our daily classes on YouTube which you can check out for a glimpse into our facility!

Here are a few images from our past camps
Check our Facebook page for more photos!