Olympia Students make the US World Epee Team!

2018 Junior Olympics Championships
Memphis, TN
February 2018

Olympia Fencing Center takes the Junior Olympics Championship by storm!

Double gold and bronze for Olympia fencers in Women’s and Men’s Epee: after Emily Vermeule wins the trophy in the Cadet Women’s event, Hunter Candreva and Jonas Hansen get the Gold and Bronze medals yesterday, in the boys competition!
Emily also took the Bronze in Juniors Women’s Epee.

It’s the second year in a row of medals swap  for Olympia at the JO’s, after Robert Hondor won the Cadets Men’s Epee, last year, while Greta Candreva got Silver and Bronze in both Junior and Cadet’s women’s events, and Emily Vermeule gets a 6th place medal.

With Jonas Hansen making the US Team for the world championships, out of the 6 fencers qualified, Olympia brings THREE 🤺🤺🤺🏆👊
Congratulations: Greta Candreva, Cadets and Juniors Women’s Epee, Emily Vermeule, Cadets, and Jonas Hansen, Cadets Men’s Epee!!

More good news:

Olympia takes first place in the country, in National Fencing Clubs – Super Youth Circuit 2017-2018 season, with a total of 43 medals, as of January 2018!
The Championships rank all clubs by the total number of medals won by Top 8 fencers at 12 SYCs held throughout the year.

National fencing Clubs Rankings


Congratulations to both our epee and foil students and their coaches: Daniel Hondor, Shuang Meng, Kai Zhao, Lori Schmidt and Sean Qiao! Great teamwork, everybody!




Also, our club takes 1st place as the number one feeder to the ever-growing Super Youth Circuit competitions, in both epee and foil.
Olympia Fencing Center students participated to as many as 217 competitions in 2016-2017!

Foilist Daniel Zhang takes 1st place in top 8 medalists for Massachusetts Clubs in the 2016-2017 Super Youth Circuit (SYC).
Epeeist Jordan Macarty places 8th followed by classmates Spencer Vermeule, 10th and Ava Wade, 12th.

Our utmost gratitude to the parents, the families, for their time and support, and, last but not least, to our kiddos, epee an foil students, for their hard work, courage and determination!

—-)————- Quoting the nationalfencingclubrankings.com: ————-(—-

“The Super Youth Circuit (SYC) is sanctioned and overseen by USA Fencing. SYCs are held throughout the country for fencers in the Y10, Y12 and Y14 age categories in all six weapons. These tournaments provide an opportunity for young athletes to experience elite competition, earn national ranking points and prepare for future national events”.

Happy Lunar New Year!

To all our members and families who celebrated the New Year this month, we’d like to wish them a very happy and prosperous Brown Earth Dog Year!

Here is a short video, with some of our students fencing-dancing at the Belmont Chinese American Association celebration, earlier this month.
And here is a bit more about this beautiful tradition and how people celebrate in the Chinese culture.

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